Brunch, Maid Cafe & Back to Sydney // Winter Japan 2015╰(✧∇✧╰)

After our ryokan stay in Kawaguchiko, we headed back to Tokyo for the last few days before we headed back to Sydney. Once we arrived we headed out to Shinjuku for brunch.
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We decided to stop by Egg & Spuma as their store look super hipster and had a very Melbourne-like vibe to it. 
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I ordered their chicken namban omelette set where as Mac got their chicken katsu omelette set. The food is displayed on an individual wooden plate and comes with french fries, salad, soup and bread! All this for just $20.
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The omelette was super fluffy and has the most lightest texture as they beat egg whites into it! I've never seen an omelette made this way but I'm willing to experiment! The namban chicken was super juicy and the sauce was just outta this world! I've never tried a namban sauce like this until this moment! I also loved all the sides that it came with as the soup was delicious, the salad was fresh and the fries were crunchy. 
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After shopping around Shinjuku we headed to Akihabara to experience our first Maid Cafe. We decided to go to MaiDreamin' since it's an extremely popular one. 
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I ordered from their first time guest special and got their dessert menu set. I was given a key ring and ice oolong tea to start off. 
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We also managed to come in just before their #1. maid's light show, which you also have to pay for when you get the bill. The show was not really worth it to be honest. Then our desserts came which I quickly snapped a few shots before it started melting and the taste of the be honest I was not a fan of got overly sweet for me but the cuteness of the parfait was picture worthy at least. 
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The sun was starting to set and we enjoyed the rest of the night in Akihabara as the following day was the day we would be heading back to Sydney. 
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The last morning we headed out to Shinjuku again to try out a different brunch cafe before heading out to the airport.
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I ordered a nacho filling with waffle. It was super delicious with the blend of fresh ingredients and freshly made waffle. 
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Once we finish brunch we did some last minute shopping before heading to the airport. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my trip in Japan and I was super excited to my next trip to Japan in July!
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It's been a while since I last blogged but here is the final installment of my Japan Winter trip! I shall be blogging some beauty product reviews up soon, along with my Hong Kong & Japan Summer trip. 

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