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After a coffee run and brunch we headed off to the shopping malls and boy was there so much to see! 
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We shopped around Flying Tiger Copenhagen, which is equivalent to Sydney's hot dollar shops. I manage to buy a pair of sunnies, a tea and cup set for my dad and a massive badminton set to play with in the summer back in Sydney. 
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Today, Omotesando is known as one of the foremost 'architectural showcase' streets in the world, featuring a multitude of fashion flagship stores within a short distance of each other. 
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These fashion flagship stores have the most interesting window displays to attract your attention too. 
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We found KIDDYLAND along the way and headed inside to check it out. I was also hoping to find some Sailormoon merchandises to purchase too, for both myself and TonyLion. We spent a few hours here deciding what to buy for ourselves and friends! Had such a blast and during that time we missed the rain! 
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After exploring all the cool toys, gadgets and merchandises at KIDDYLAND we went next door for a mini tea break! 
The store was called Peltier and they had the cutest cakes displayed!!
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Stephanie got the cake and tea set, while I decided to get the chocolate and tea set. Everything was super nice!! The two flavors of chocolate that I choose had very different textures but were rich in taste, whereas Steph's cake was incredible delicious!
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We continued our shopping at Omotesando Hills before taking the train to Shibuya for the rest of the afternoon. 
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Spring is already here and I'm just waiting for a good sunny day that I'm free to film my August favorites! Shall keep you guys posted when it's up, until then watch my Japan Summer VLOG #2 if you haven't already yet. 

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