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A long day of shopping in Omotesando and Shibuya, it was time for dinner! We met up with Steph's friend and we headed off to my favorite yakitori restaurant. The place is called YAKITORI MARUKIN and they extremely popular amongst young people as well as business women/men too! 
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I came here earlier this year, in their winter with Max and I couldn't get enough of their amazing jar of sauce and their skewers!! After telling Steph all about this place she was keen to try it out, not only for the skewers but the fact they also served horse meat too!
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Here is their horse meat yukke, the meat is incredibly tender and not tough at all. The flavors were just right too!
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Another horse meat dish was their horse meat sashimi with sesame oil and salt. It was simple but delicious as the meat melted in your mouth. 
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But my all time favorite is when the skewers come out so I can dunk them into this pot of sauce which I dub as the holy grail of sauces! 
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Just like last time we went for the chef's recommendation, as you can never go wrong with it.
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If you cannot read or speak Japanese, they do offer an English menu so it can help you when deciding on what you'd want to eat! 
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With the recommend menu, you will be given 10 skewers during the first round, once you've had all 10 you can get another 10 if you're still hungry! 
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Although if you wish to individually order the skewers you can pick what skewer's you want, just in case you are afraid you may not like the recommended menu as they do not show you what's in it as it changes monthly. 
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If you've read my first blog entry about this place, you will know there is an All-You-Can-Drink menu with over 70 different types of drinks!
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Summer or Winter, this place has not failed me in taste, service and company! Cannot wait to plan another Japan trip again so I can come back here to savor the flavors!!
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After dinner, Steph's friend was still feeling a bit peckish so we went to a cafe for dessert. 
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I ordered a french toast with strawberry jam and the side of salad was really refreshing!
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Steph's friend got the waffle and OMGSH! It's so fluffy, warm and delicious!!! Everything was just perfect about it!
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In Summer, Kakigori's (shaved ice) are served literally everywhere! So we couldn't resist but to get the strawberry kakigori! It was so delicious! I really wanted to try more flavors but we ran outta time. 
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By the end of the night, we decided to go to a nearby bar, which I have totally forgotten the name. However, it is super popular amongst foreigners and local Japanese. 

 At the entrance you will see this sign~

Steph and her friend ordered beer, while I decided to get whiskey on the rocks~ Strong but effective. The bar was quite busy that night, as it was a Friday night if I recall. As it got busier we decided to go clubbing but first, Steph and I needed to drop off our shopping so we trained back home, ditched our shopping and got dressed all in about 20 minutes. 

We decided to go back to Shibuya to a club called WOMB. Entrance fee was about 3000 yen if I remember correctly and I got in with my Australian driver license so yeh! 

A clubbing event is not complete without a mirror selfie in the bathroom's right?

We ordered a few drinks before we went to the dance floor. Drinks are not too expensive here, plus they are not as watered-down as they are in Sydney. So if you're weak with drinks I suggest drinks slowly and take notice of how much you actually drink. 

The music and crowd was absolutely amazing and I couldn't have asked for anything better, until....

I saw two Japanese girls dressed in cat ears and maid costumes, so I kindly asked if I could take a photo with them. They were super nice, so we took the photo~ Look how "KAWAII" they look! Hence we ended our second night in Japan to a eventful and fun night!

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Spring is already here and I'm just waiting for a good sunny day that I'm free to film my August favorites! Shall keep you guys posted when it's up, until then watch my Japan Summer VLOG #2 if you haven't already yet. 

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