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On our second day in Japan we headed out to a well known café which sells Totoro shaped cream puffs! Be warned this place is not near the Ghibli museum at all! It is located near Setagaya-Daita station, so plan your trip in advance. 
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We got to the café around 11:30am and we were asked if we had any reservation. We didn't know they took reservations but luckily for us they had a table to spare until 12:20pm which was fine by us. 
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Steph ordered a ice coffee, as it was another blazing hot sunny day! We also ordered a filling meal since we hadn't eaten anything since we left our apartment. 
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We both ordered a pasta dish! I ordered the Fettucine with minced meat in cream sauce and Steph got the Chicken fillet & green perilla in cod roe sauce.
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I simply loved this pasta dish! It had some chili flakes in it for that extra punch of flavor!! I licked this plate clean using the bread that was served on the side because I couldn't let any sauce go to waste!
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Steph's pasta was more on the refreshing lighter side but was also super delicious as well. 
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After our filling meal, we couldn't leave this place until we tried their well-known Totoro cream puffs! We decided to order 2 so we could try the different flavors. 
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We ordered the classic matcha flavor and their summer special peach flavor! We took many photo's of the cream puff that we totally forgot to take a photo with it unti we cut open our puffs.
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It was quite sad to cut the puff in half but it didn't click in either of our heads that we could have opened up the puff sideways rather than straight up front!
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Despite our all cut up in half Totoro cream puffs we decided to take photos with them anyways! The peach flavored cream puff was really light and beautiful very unique!
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Whereas the matcha was strong and packed with flavor, which I thoroughly enjoyed too! (We shared half-half)
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Once we finished off our puffs we went up to pay the bill. On the side we saw freshly baked bread and BOY DO THEY SMELL SO GOOD! 
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We didn't get the chance to buy any but the bread in our pasta dish was from these selection of homemade bread here! 
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After taking photo's of their studio ghibli items in the café, Steph and I headed off to Mitaka to go to the Ghibli Museum. 
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Once we arrived I had to take another photo outside the main gate but the summer version!
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As we headed inside just before the entrance, the whole place was covered in luscious greens! It's so much more beautiful and full od life in Summer, compared to the winter view.  
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We actually purchased tickets from the Lawson machine but somehow the dates got mixed up and so our tickets were for next month! So we decided to just take pictures with Totoro and headed off to Shibuya and Harajuku.  
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Here is the corresponding VLOG :D 

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