Mos Burger Dinner // HALLOWEEN “ψ(`∇´)ψ

You may or may not have heard of Mos Burger, but let me just say Mos Burger in Japan is just...THE BOMB! They are super delicious regardless of what burger flavor you choose and it's super duper cheap!!

While we were in Akihabara we decided to have dinner and walked past Mos Burger. Steph has never tried it so I highly recommend she tried it. I decided to get the Prawn burger and Steph got the Cheese burger. We also got a drink, oolong tea, to go with our meal too! 

My boyfriend actually recommended that I try the prawn burger as he described it to be amazing! The prawn burger had actual prawn bits in it and it was served hot and fresh!! No wonder my boyfriend was amazed, not only was it cheap with real prawn meat, it was also super delicious too! 

Steph's cheese burger was just..B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!! You can see she was super excited to try the burgers out and she fell in love!! Personally, I reckon Mos Burger is one of the best places to get a cheap and delicious meal in Japan!
Happy Halloween!! Hope you guys are enjoying you Halloween night, as for myself I'm way too tired to head out and party after a long day of work. I'm just going to chill at home and watch a horror movie instead!

Also here is my Halloween makeup tutorial this year, I do apologize for not uploading it sooner or making more..BUT! I do have some great idea's, makeup-wise for next year!! Promise to share more tutorials with you guys then!
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Shopping at Harajuku & Akihabara ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

After a full shopping experience at Shibuya109 we hit the next shopping district, Takeshita St at HARAJUKU! Here you will find the crazy, unique and most intriguing pieces ever! Styles are always changing so you never know when something you pick up here will be trendy in the future!

Even the shops have the most unique way of portraying their own concept and brand! I mean look at that dinosaur and rocking horse!!

Of course when you're on Takeshita St, ordering a crepe is a MUST! There are so many flavors to choose from so take your time and look at which ones you want. They offer both savory and sweet crepes!

The weather was so hot so it was perfect for us to take a small break under the shade while eating a delicious crepe. 

I ordered a Fruity Mango and Peach Cream crepe! It was incredibly delicious!!! Steph ordered the Chocolate Strawberry Cream crepe which was also super yummy too!!

This was the biggest shopping day for us!! We had to put bags into bags so we could carry them all!! The damages to our wallet was quite a bit but it was definitely worth it, especially for some unique pieces you won't be able to get anywhere else except Japan!

Once we ditched our shopping bags, we freshened up and headed off to Akihabara again!

We decided to have MosBurger for dinner and O.M.G! Super delicious and fresh every time!! Shall have a more detailed review on Mosburger for you guys later, as for now enjoy the photo below of me and my BUNS!

Once we finished up with dinner we headed to Don Quixote, which is a discount chain store that carries a wide range of products from basic groceries to electronics to clothing's! 

They are also tax-free for those who are visiting from oversea's so once again we went and checked out the huge range of skincare, makeup and hair products!  They also had a wide range of Gudetama items!!!

They also have the cutest gimmick items too!! So we couldn't resist and started trying on all the funny looking head pieces!! Here is Steph trying on a Daruma head piece!

Even the Puffer fish hat look pretty cute~ But I don't think I will have any use of it at home~

We also visited the 18+ adult section, to find quite a range of erotic costumes, sexual products and accessories. 

This section is in a small corner so the range is not as big as the adult store near the station. But the fun thing about this place is that they have sample dildo's in a display case which you can make them move by pressing a button~ 

Once we were done pushing buttons to see how the movements of the sexual products, we moved onto the next level, which was filled with cosplay outfits. I was trying to find a few cosplay costumes to wear to the next anime convention~ 

After a long day of just pure shopping, exploring and experiencing new things we were finally home to rest our feet! We were getting really peckish so I decided to whip out a cup ramen! The best thing about this cup ramen is that it has a slice of char-siu!! NOM NOM NOM!
Hello hello!!! Hope you guys have been well as I have been too! Today is my dear mummy's birthday and we shall be having dinner out tonight with just the family. Exams are coming up soon so I need to get my study mojo on now! 
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SHIBUYA109 Shopping // Makeup, Accessories, Clothes, etc. = HEAVEN! (・ัᗜ・ั)و

After breakfast, we headed off to Shibuya 109, which is a shopping mall with all the hottest and latest trends and brands at reasonable prices. It is the also the hotspot for all the Japanese women and foreigners to do some crazy shopping! Steph and I took the lift to the 8th floor to start from the top and work out way down the 9 story building. 

The top floor was heaven to us!! We stepped out and landed in Makeup & Accessories heaven!! We went crazy just look at all the different ranges of colour contacts first!

Good news for us visiting Japan is that it is TAX FREE! Just make sure when you pay you have your passport with you! Also if you're purchasing contact lens you will find a section like the photo above to fill in a form. 

After finally deciding which contact lenses I wanted it was time to move onto the makeup stuff! Steph and I both went crazy here, so took a few snaps of some of the items! 

You can find the trendy peel-off lip tints here too, which are super popular in Korea!

The cute Disney/Sanrio makeup items are a must see too! I purchased the little twin star press powder, which I shall do a review on this soon!

There was just way too much stuff to show you in just a few photo's as they carried not only makeup ad skincare, but also hair care, bath bombs, jewelry, hair accessories and the cutest socks too!!

Just across the makeup section there was this cute boutique which sold the most interesting items! The one item that captured my eyes was this HUGE hard-case clam mobile case/purse! I really wanted to get this but I do not use the iphone, so I just took a photo of it instead. It also comes in other cute pastel colours too! 

As we slowly made our way down, we found there were a few cafe's so we decided to have a tea break before continuing our shopping adventures!

The cafe we went to was called Cafe Ma Maison, which is located on the 7th floor. Steph and I ordered a refreshing dessert to keep ourselves cool. Steph ordered the mango snow which was super light and refreshing!!!

I ordered the mango and peach mille crepe cake, which was fantastic! It was flavorsome and light to have even on a hot day!

Once we finished up our desserts we continued our way down the building, finding interesting clothing lines and accessories too. 

I also found the Liz Lisa shop, which was quite large and so many cute floral clothing's! Although there was nothing there that really captured my heart to buy so I just took a free Liz Lisa fan that they were handing out. 

So when you're shopping for clothes and you want to try them on, most likely the ladies will give you a cotton sheet which you will need to put over your face when trying on the clothes. This prevents any makeup stains getting onto the clothing's! You might feel a bit silly though, but here's a SNAP!
Hello hello my lovely readers! Been a little busy over the weekend with work and catching up with the fambam over yumcha, hence I haven't had the time to blog as much this week. November is approaching FAST and it's going to be even more busier for me as I will have my final exams, my cousin's wedding and a trip to Cairns/Port Douglas! I simply cannot wait for the fun to begin!
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Sailor Moon X Q.pot // Benedict Breakfast ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

We started bright and early the next morning {day 3} to find the Q.Pot Cafe as they were having a collaboration with Sailormoon! We manage to find their accessories store and right across it the cafe!

At the cafe there was already a huge line, so we lined up and waited. The outside of the shop looked super cute and we peered into the windows and all the interiors was really cute too!

I was super excited as the line started to move as Sailor Moon is one of my favorite anime's! Once we got to the front of the line, we were told that we had to come even earlier to receive a ticket-sort-of-thing to enter and have the Sailormoon tea set. Unfortunately we didn't know this, so we left...but I did manage to take a photo with Usagi herself~

Although we didn't manage to get into the Q.Pot X Sailormoon cafe we headed to Shibuya for breakfast at Cafe Cucina & Company. 

I came here during my winter trip and the egg's benedict was really good so decided to order the same dish. 

Steph got the sausage and scrambled egg set which was also quite delightful.

Today I had a short day at uni so I headed off to the gym to work up a sweat. It's been a while since I worked out so it was super tiring but feeling really good! Uni is about to end soon so it's time for me to study study study! Thinking whether or not to upload my halloween video...hmm~ I guess I'll decide once I've edit it. That's all from me today, thanks for reading! Love you guys heaps.

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