Famous Tonkatsu & Akiharaba Adult Shop (゜▽゜;)

After a long day of shopping in Shibuya, we finally headed back to Omotesando to ditch our stuff at home. Once we had freshened up we decided to eat at Maisen, which was nearby and famous for their delicious tonkatsu (pork cutlets!)

We looked through the menu to see what sets or a la carte items were on the menu~ I wasn't really feeling up to a full set since I was still a tad full from my dessert in Shibuya. 

So I simply ordered the tonkatsu itself, although I cannot remember which exact item I ordered, mine did come with it's own unique sauce. Instead of the usual thick tonkatsu sauce mine had incorporated grated radish to make it more refreshing and lighter.

The tonkatsu was extremely tender and juicy on the inside, whereas the batter on the outside was super crunchy!!! The side a shredded cabbage definitely was a great touch to freshen up our palettes after every bite!

Once we finished up dinner we decided to head to Akihabara for a quick and short visit. Most shops close around 10pm in Akihabara so we roughly had about 30minutes to browse around. We decided to stay close to the station and visit the 8-floor adult shop.  

The shop had the most weirdest, interesting and entertaining items you could ever possibly imagine. We were definitely a bit shy to enter at first, but we just did it! After all we were tourist and it was definitely an eye-opening experience for both Steph and I. 

We definitely didn't get enough time to browse through everything with great detail so we did end up coming back again to check it out again. It was such a odd way to end the night though.

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Anyways off to make some food and then to the gym!!

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