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It's been a while since I shared a review post with you guys so look forward to all the upcoming skincare reviews! During my summer trip in Japan/HK, I went all out and bought new skincare products since my skin was getting us to the usual routine of using Laneige products. So, I decided to research before my trip to decide which brand to choose next and I picked the Innisfree product range as I've heard so many good things about their brand and products.  

To start off my Innisfree skincare collection, I'll be reviewing on their Soybean Firming Skin (AUD $39.11). [On a side note, I will be using the Innisfree website prices as I didn't keep the receipts but the prices are very similar as to when I purchased them in-stores.]

This skin toner is made with Jeju fermented soybean extracts and aims to moisturize the skin and promote elasticity. Soybean is a natural collagen supplement which is why this product is also able to prevent wrinkles. Their soybean ranged products go by a 6-free system which excludes the use of parabens, synthetic colorants, mineral oil, animal-originated ingredients, artificial fragrances and imidazolidinyl urea. 

I absolutely love this toner, the formula is incredibly light and a non-sticky liquid substance. I use this every morning, by applying a generous amount onto my hands and gently patting the product in. It also leaves a pleasant herbal citrus scent which lingers around for a few minutes before disappearing. After a few days of using this product I could definitely see the amazing results, as my skin felt super hydrated and the appearance of fine lines have reduced dramatically. Very impressed with this product and I highly recommend it!

It's already October, boy does time fly!! I really should be starting my research project but procrastinating got the better half of me...Anyways 2 more weeks till the BigBang concert here in Sydney! Super excited and cannot wait till I get to see my oppa's!
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