SHIBUYA109 Shopping // Makeup, Accessories, Clothes, etc. = HEAVEN! (・ัᗜ・ั)و

After breakfast, we headed off to Shibuya 109, which is a shopping mall with all the hottest and latest trends and brands at reasonable prices. It is the also the hotspot for all the Japanese women and foreigners to do some crazy shopping! Steph and I took the lift to the 8th floor to start from the top and work out way down the 9 story building. 

The top floor was heaven to us!! We stepped out and landed in Makeup & Accessories heaven!! We went crazy just look at all the different ranges of colour contacts first!

Good news for us visiting Japan is that it is TAX FREE! Just make sure when you pay you have your passport with you! Also if you're purchasing contact lens you will find a section like the photo above to fill in a form. 

After finally deciding which contact lenses I wanted it was time to move onto the makeup stuff! Steph and I both went crazy here, so took a few snaps of some of the items! 

You can find the trendy peel-off lip tints here too, which are super popular in Korea!

The cute Disney/Sanrio makeup items are a must see too! I purchased the little twin star press powder, which I shall do a review on this soon!

There was just way too much stuff to show you in just a few photo's as they carried not only makeup ad skincare, but also hair care, bath bombs, jewelry, hair accessories and the cutest socks too!!

Just across the makeup section there was this cute boutique which sold the most interesting items! The one item that captured my eyes was this HUGE hard-case clam mobile case/purse! I really wanted to get this but I do not use the iphone, so I just took a photo of it instead. It also comes in other cute pastel colours too! 

As we slowly made our way down, we found there were a few cafe's so we decided to have a tea break before continuing our shopping adventures!

The cafe we went to was called Cafe Ma Maison, which is located on the 7th floor. Steph and I ordered a refreshing dessert to keep ourselves cool. Steph ordered the mango snow which was super light and refreshing!!!

I ordered the mango and peach mille crepe cake, which was fantastic! It was flavorsome and light to have even on a hot day!

Once we finished up our desserts we continued our way down the building, finding interesting clothing lines and accessories too. 

I also found the Liz Lisa shop, which was quite large and so many cute floral clothing's! Although there was nothing there that really captured my heart to buy so I just took a free Liz Lisa fan that they were handing out. 

So when you're shopping for clothes and you want to try them on, most likely the ladies will give you a cotton sheet which you will need to put over your face when trying on the clothes. This prevents any makeup stains getting onto the clothing's! You might feel a bit silly though, but here's a SNAP!
Hello hello my lovely readers! Been a little busy over the weekend with work and catching up with the fambam over yumcha, hence I haven't had the time to blog as much this week. November is approaching FAST and it's going to be even more busier for me as I will have my final exams, my cousin's wedding and a trip to Cairns/Port Douglas! I simply cannot wait for the fun to begin!
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