Shopping at Harajuku & Akihabara ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

After a full shopping experience at Shibuya109 we hit the next shopping district, Takeshita St at HARAJUKU! Here you will find the crazy, unique and most intriguing pieces ever! Styles are always changing so you never know when something you pick up here will be trendy in the future!

Even the shops have the most unique way of portraying their own concept and brand! I mean look at that dinosaur and rocking horse!!

Of course when you're on Takeshita St, ordering a crepe is a MUST! There are so many flavors to choose from so take your time and look at which ones you want. They offer both savory and sweet crepes!

The weather was so hot so it was perfect for us to take a small break under the shade while eating a delicious crepe. 

I ordered a Fruity Mango and Peach Cream crepe! It was incredibly delicious!!! Steph ordered the Chocolate Strawberry Cream crepe which was also super yummy too!!

This was the biggest shopping day for us!! We had to put bags into bags so we could carry them all!! The damages to our wallet was quite a bit but it was definitely worth it, especially for some unique pieces you won't be able to get anywhere else except Japan!

Once we ditched our shopping bags, we freshened up and headed off to Akihabara again!

We decided to have MosBurger for dinner and O.M.G! Super delicious and fresh every time!! Shall have a more detailed review on Mosburger for you guys later, as for now enjoy the photo below of me and my BUNS!

Once we finished up with dinner we headed to Don Quixote, which is a discount chain store that carries a wide range of products from basic groceries to electronics to clothing's! 

They are also tax-free for those who are visiting from oversea's so once again we went and checked out the huge range of skincare, makeup and hair products!  They also had a wide range of Gudetama items!!!

They also have the cutest gimmick items too!! So we couldn't resist and started trying on all the funny looking head pieces!! Here is Steph trying on a Daruma head piece!

Even the Puffer fish hat look pretty cute~ But I don't think I will have any use of it at home~

We also visited the 18+ adult section, to find quite a range of erotic costumes, sexual products and accessories. 

This section is in a small corner so the range is not as big as the adult store near the station. But the fun thing about this place is that they have sample dildo's in a display case which you can make them move by pressing a button~ 

Once we were done pushing buttons to see how the movements of the sexual products, we moved onto the next level, which was filled with cosplay outfits. I was trying to find a few cosplay costumes to wear to the next anime convention~ 

After a long day of just pure shopping, exploring and experiencing new things we were finally home to rest our feet! We were getting really peckish so I decided to whip out a cup ramen! The best thing about this cup ramen is that it has a slice of char-siu!! NOM NOM NOM!
Hello hello!!! Hope you guys have been well as I have been too! Today is my dear mummy's birthday and we shall be having dinner out tonight with just the family. Exams are coming up soon so I need to get my study mojo on now! 
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