Asakusa Shrine // Yukata Kawaii-fication #1 (∩˃o˂∩)♡

After a lovely sushi breakfast at Tsukiji, Steph and I headed off to Asakusa to pay our respect at the shrine and to also rent a yukata as it was one of the items to check off my list of to-do things in Japan Summer.  

We went to a place called Sakura Photo Studio where you can rent yukata's in the summer and kimono's during winter. We took our time choosing which one we wanted before it was time to get changed. 

Steph chose a dark coloured yukata with bright red flowers. The ladies are really friendly and super fast at putting the yukata together.

As for myself I chose a lighter coloured kimono with some pink flowers. We also got our hair done to make the kawaii-fication process COMPLETE! 

Once our look was complete we headed back onto the streets of Asakusa shrine where you will be able to find so many snacks and souvenirs.  

It was a super hot day so we made a pit stop at the ice-cream store the same one I went to during my winter trip.  

I ordered the sakura flavored ice-cream whereas STeph got the black sesame flavor. I loved how the sakura flavor was a bit sour but refreshing!

Cannot miss a luvo opportunity~ I mean how often do you get to wear a yukata out and look amazing!

Also a note when you decide to wear a yukata, especially during the summer, you will get asked by so many tourist to take photo's so be prepared to get bombarded with a crowd of tourists. 

Steph chose the perfect accessory to rent, a parasol umbrella, to help block out the sun and keep us cool.

Once we reached the shrine we decided to take a photo before we purify ourselves and head into the shrine itself. The shrine is so beautiful as always and then it was time for Steph to draw her omikuji luck out for the year. I already did mine earlier this year so I didn't want to be greedy and go or another. Steph's omikuji was good luck and she has much to look forward to this year. 

I absolutely loved the yukata I was wearing that day and the matching head piece which was a huge drive to purchase my own yukata and headpiece too. 

I then went into this mask store to purchase a white fox mask which I wanted to have for a while now~

Along our journey back toward the front gate of the shrine we went for another pit stop for some cold refreshing green tea. This was also the place I came to during winter for some hot rice sake and the chestnut cake.

If you're wondering what the item tucked into my obi is, it is my goPro camera which I used to do some filming when I am to busy snapping photo's away or shopping. 

We headed back to the rental studio to return the yukata around lunch time. Along the way I managed to purchase my own full yukata set, which also included the obi and geta sandals for about AUD$70. Once we returned the yukata's we went for a quick lunch before heading back to our apartment and heading off to Hakone as it is quite a journey to get there!
So yesterday, I finished my first exam and then I treated myself to cake as a reward. I went into the exam room prepared and left the room smiling because I was pretty sure I nailed it! Here is a photo from my instagram that I took of the cute little tasty cake!
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