Blaq Piq // Sydney Pandan Pancakes ƪ(‾(••)‾”)ʃ

So yesterday I had completed my exams and of course to celebrate I had so many meals planned ahead to catch-up with some good friends of mine before the Christmas working hours begin!

Today, was a 33 degree day, I went to a cafe in the city of Sydney, called Blaq Piq, with my dear childhood friend Stephy. This place recently turned one month old and is all the rave due to its' famous and colourful Pandan pancakes! We decided to order a few things to share because we were quite hungry!

First dish we ordered was their Almond Milk Chia Pudding ($12) with yogurt, apricot puree, fresh fruits, berries, topped off with organic maple syrup. It was super refreshing and light to have, especially under this heat wave! It wasn't sickly sweet at all so we managed to finish this off with no problem!

Following the pudding, we got their Twice Cooked Pork Belly with pumpkin puree, 63 degree eggs, pickled vegetables, rocket and cherry tomatoes (GF, $17). This dish was also on the lighter side but portion wise I wish they would have had more vege mix, but taste wise was quite nice. 

 AND YES! We had to try their insta-famous pandan pancakes!! I mean look at how colourful it looks! 

The Pandan Buttermilk Pancakes ($16) was topped with fresh fruits and berries, nata de coco, pecan crumbles, coconut ice-cream and salted coconut sugar syrup. It was quite filling and fresh too! The colours definitely made it more appealing and the pancakes tasted great when you have it with the icecream, fruits and pecans. 

Overall, first experience at Blaq Piq has been a positive one and I definitely do like how everything is freshly made. I will definitely come back again to try other savory dishes and hopefully the portions will be a little bit bigger and filling. Shall visit again soon as it's only about under a 5 minute walk from Museum Station and I do highly recommend the Chia Pudding, it was delicious!

Blaq Piq
11-15 Alberta St, Sydney, 2000
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri; 7am-4pm, Sat: 8am-2pm, Sun: CLOSED
Ph: (02) 9283 8852
After brunch we bought some cake before heading off to Steph's place for a swim to keep cool in this amazing weather! I shall hopefully get some filming done sometime this week as I do want to do a Xmas/New Years giveaway for you guys this year. So makes sure you stay tuned to that by FOLLOWING me on my blog, instagram and youtube!!! 
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