Hakone // Seneki Annex Yamagasou Ryokan (^O^)*

After a long journey to get to ryokan in Hakone which is called Senkei Annex Yamagaso. We booked a villa ryokan so we could get our own private onsen (hot spring bath) as Steph has tattoo's which are taboo for people to have when entering a public onsen. 

As soon as we arrived dinner was served swiftly! Steph and I were super hungry so we completely stopped talking and was just enjoying the food!

We started off we the cold dishes which were super refreshing! The sashimi was super delicious too! Cannot get enough of it! 

Then our main started coming out one by one, the first being our beef nabe (hot pot). The nabe was incredibly delicious due to all all the flavors from the meat and mushrooms. 

Their fish was quite nice but if you do no enjoy the fishy smell or taste you could probably give this a miss. 

As soon as I saw this dish, I instantly knew what it was. It is the grilled miso eggplant, which is one of my favorite Japanese dishes to eat! So I quickly ate this but it was a tad on the saltier side. 

The vegetable tempura was a nice touch to our banquet-like dinner~! 
We definitely enjoyed the rest of the night in the private onsen and had a really good nights rest. 

The following morning we woke up around 8am for breakfast~! Once again it was served in our room like a mini-banquet. It was a very traditional breakfast with dishes and white rice. 

 Once we finished our breakfast, we decided to go out for a morning walk and buy some souvenirs before leaving Hakone to go to Kyoto. 

 Right outside our ryokan was this beautiful river flowing~ It was absolutely breathe taking! We had a nice walk towards the city of Hakone where there were various shops standing. We also saw a bridge so I had to take a photo of that too!

I bought some black dango-like sweets as you could find them only in Hakone, before heading back to our ryokan to check-out.

Once we checked-out of our ryokan it was time to head to Kyoto via. the bullet train (shinkansen). Our stay at Seneki Annex Yamagaso was nice but if I was to compare with my last ryokan stay at Kawaguchi-ko with Konansou, I do prefer staying at their ryokan more. Reason being is the meals are more catered towards a westernized taste but keeping the traditional elements. In addition the room doesn't have any grassy smell compared to the villa ryokan in Seneki, I think it's due to the fact that it is a private villa?  

We were super excited to head to Kyoto as that is where most of the traditional sightseeing locations are at. We bought some bento (lunch box meals) for our train ride to Kyoto.

Today I had work so I didn't get any studying done but hopefully early tomorrow morning I can get some stuff done before I head out with my mum for lunch and shopping in the afternoon.
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