Kyoto Arrival // Yasaka Shrine & Okonomiyaki Dinner (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

 Once we finally got off the train from Hakone to Kyoto, we did some food souvenir shopping at the station as they have a huge range of products to choose from. Kyoto is famous for their green tea/matcha and tofu!

 As you can see there is a whole section dedicated to just matcha items! I, of course, picked up quite a few matcha foods such as their matcha pudding! 

 Hello Kyoto Tower, we meet again!! Anyways we took a bus to our apartment but only to find out there was an issue but was solved swiftly with the help from the friendly locals! Honestly the nicest people ever and only about 0.01% of people are rude, but very rare!

Once we finished settling into our place, Steph and I decided to head to Gion, so we took a bus which took us to the very end of Shijo Dori. 

At the end of the road is where Yasaka Shrine and since I haven't seen it before we decided to take a tour~

It seems to be quite a popular shrine with all the tourist and local visiting. I love visiting shrines because it's just so beautiful! 

 Once we entered we saw a small food stand to the side which was selling something crab related so we decided to check it out. 

It was super meaty crab sticks!! Freshly boiled then grilled, topped with sauce! We instantly lined up since we were a bit peckish!

The crab stick was sooooo good and cost about 500yen. May seem a bit pricey to some, but to me I thought it was reasonable and I was willing to pay. 

 The sun was slowly setting and I decided to take this amazing shot! It's so beautiful! Anyways here are more photo's from the shrine itself! 
The shrine was small but beautiful! Every corner you turn you will be able to take amazing shots! After a nice time taking photo's and enjoying the view we headed down onto the streets! 

 We also picked up some matcha ice-cream. Simple but delicious! 

Then we headed into the traditional street of Gion. Here you will find many traditional tea houses where maiko's and geisha's will appear~

After our visit on Gion Street, we crossed the Kamo River and went into a narrow alley way just parallel to the river to find dinner.

I saw a maiko bustling by as she hurried off to her next destination~

 Steph and I decided to have some Okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) at a place called Yasubee. 

 It's a small but cosy restaurant and surprisingly super popular place for tourist to eat at.  

We ordered a seafood and pork belly okonomiyaki and it was really delicious and filling. Steph and I decided to pair our meal with a drink so I got a refreshing peach sake cider and Steph just got plain old Calpis. 

After a long day of travelling and exploring it was time to head home and a good night rest as the next day we were off for a full day adventure!
Today I didn't get much studying done since I went out to yumcha with my mum and relative who was visiting from Hong Kong to attend my cousin's wedding. My cousin had his ceremony with friends yesterday but will be having the family banquet this coming weekend. Before then I have one last test on the Wednesday before I can fully enjoy the holidays!!! 
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