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So last Sunday I was invited once again to visit one of my dear friend Dana's cafe, Grandma's at Rosebery. This time I decided to bring my friend Oscar and Lin to accompany me, as I know there will be plenty for us to eat. 

It was fairly simply to get to the cafe, as it was only a 15-20 minute bus ride from the city. We arrived around 1pm and Dana had already saved us a seat! It was so lovely seeing her again and I swear she has not aged the last time I saw her, which was when I first went to visit Grandma's Little Bakery in Alexandria. 

We ordered some coffee to start off and started scrolling through the iPad menu. I told Oscar and Lin what I tried the last time as there were some dishes that I had tried previously, which was also available on the Rosebery menu. 

It made me think about the tasty goodies to come!!Anyways, we did get Dana's opinion on what dishes to try and we ended up getting 4 items off the menu!

The first dish was their Jerusalem Hummus and beef served with Grandma’s bread. The serving was very generous and the hummus was incredibly light and fluffy, whereas the taste was just beautiful! It went very well with the beef and what we also noticed towards the end of our meal was that there was barely any oil or fat residue sitting at the bottom, unlike some other cafe's.

The next dish was their Grandma’s Mazal Classic Shakshuka. It is a traditional egg-cooked dish with their popular tomato & capsicum base, served on a hot pan with Grandma’s bread. This dish was packed with flavor and of course I had to ask Dana for the chili flakes to give it that extra impact. Oscar and Lin also agreed that the chili flakes does give it that extra punch in flavor! So I highly recommend ordering some if you're getting ANY shakshuka dishes!  

Next up, our sweet dish arrived which was the Unique Ricotta Pancakes served with Coconut yogurt, strawberry & dressing with honey blossom sauce with a touch of nuts & seeds. This was not only my favorite dish, but Oscar and Lin's favorite too! The flavors and textures were just divine and we all needed to take a minute or two to really enjoy this blissful moment!

Last but not least, Dana ordered a Chicken Pita pocket for us, which Oscar successfully divided into three so we could all have a taste! It was overflowing with generous amounts of vege's and chicken which was very healthy and filling!

But our food adventure didn't end there as we got our second round of drinks and some sweets. Dana told us that we had to try their homemade cookies and also the chocolate banana cake! Their sweets do change daily so it's best to check their display shelf to see what they have installed for you that day! 

So to really finish off our lunch adventure we were served the Grandma’s Mix Cookies Platter which came with different types of homemade cookies. All the cookies would pair perfectly with a cup of coffee and my favorite one would be...all of them! They were just really nice and homey! Although I really did enjoy the nut cluster one the most~ 

I was super excited to try the Grandma’s Homemade Gelato! The flavor for the day was White Sesame and it was super delicious! I could really taste the subtle sesame flavors and the texture of the gelato was so smooth. 

Lastly their Chocolate and Banana Cake was another trio-favorite!! As Oscar said, this cake was literally what you get when you combine a chocolate brownie and banana cake! It was so moist like a brownie but the the flavor and aroma of the banana really came through. It was just amazing and was also the perfect way to end the meal! 

Once again I was really impressed with all these amazing dishes and how they constantly think of new idea's that are super healthy and good for the body too. As Dana say's the secret to her youthful skin and fit body figure is all thanks to her Mediterranean diet and olive oil BUT you must always pamper yourself once in a while with some sweets! 

I look forward to coming back again to try all the other dishes that I obvious didn't have enough stomach space to do so this time. I definitely want to come by on a weekday next time as they have a lunch station which offers a variety of options such as the pita pockets, soups, casserole and more!! They also have a vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes available too and you must check out their daily special, unfortunately they sold out on their Fritatta with banana, ricotta and coconut that I wanted to try that day, but it's alright, I shall come again next time! 

Grandma's at Rosebery
19 Rosebery Ave, Rosebery, 2018
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun; 7am-4pm
Ph: (02) 9690 0069
Of course some behind the scene shots as our rituals is to let our camera's eat first! Oscar will be starting up his own blog soon so you will see some of his own food photo's from this day soon!

And here a few shots of myself taken by Oscar, as I was playing around with his camera until a breeze past by .

Here are some shots taken by my friend Lin. When she showed me the photo below I like "WOW! Look at my legs!!" They looked so slim and long! I think it's because of the pants I was wearing that day!
Hello hello!! Last night I had work till late so I decided to sleep-in this morning. I just woke up to finish off this post and made myself some avocado toast for breakkie then I shall be in my study-mojo as I have my first exam tomorrow!!
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