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The Hello Kitty Diner is the new must visit place here in Sydney and the benefit of living near Chatswood makes it super accessible for myself. 

My friend, Grace, and I decided to visit the diner today as it was their first official opening for the public to enjoy. Luckily for us we didn't have to wait at all, so we just ordered our food and went to find a table.

The only table that was available at that time was the counter seating under the neon Hello Kitty bow! I super love how they designed the seats and the food pictures were making me hungry at that point!

Whilst waiting for my food to arrive, I decided to take a picture under the iconic neon bow! I also sorta dressed to theme by wearing my "Lucky Fortune Cat" top.

Then finally....FOOD! I was really hungry as I had just finish a full workout session at the gym earlier this morning, so the arrival of food was a happy sight!

The first thing I tried was their Popcorn Prawn with Yuzu Mayonnaise ($10). At first glance I was...not impressed to be honest, as the portion was really small for what you pay. Taste wise, nothing really amazing or special, although I did like the idea of yuzu mayonnaise.

The side of French Fries with Aioli ($5) were up next and these reminded me so much of the Maccas fries. They were made fresh, served hot and went well with the aioli sauce!

My main dish that I ordered was The Maple burger ($13) which looked pretty impressive when it was placed in front of me. This burger is packed with crispy pork belly, maple glazed bacon, pink lady apple and green slaw. The crispy pork belly burger was more like a pulled pork burger, as I couldn't taste any "CRUNCH" in it! Taste wise was quite nice, although their buns tend to soak up any liquids present making it hard to hold after a while as it just collapse. 

I also decided to order a drink, so I chose their Yuzu Curd & White Chocolate Milkshake ($8). I'm not a huge fan of white chocolate but this drink was pleasantly nice and not sickly sweet at all. I believe it may be the work of the yuzu to balance out the sweetness.

Overall the Hello Kitty Diner is a lovely place to check out! The theme of the place takes an American Retro diner look, with some HK elements to it. This makes it extremely different to the usual cutesy and girly theme that Japan has, making it way more comfortable for male customers to enjoy the place too. The food here is a bit more on the average to pricey side but it really depends what you get. I look forward to more dishes being added to the menu in the future, especially cakes! 
Hello Kitty Diner Australia
The District, 436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood, 2067
Opening Hours: N/A
Hello hello, so after going to the HK diner I went home as it is cold and wet today but I do hope those who are going to the Melbourne Cup did dress warm and WIN BIG! My friend Grace has also uploaded a vlog entry of our HK diner adventures and on another note, I have uploaded the next installment to my Summer Japan trip 2015! You can now watch it both these video's below!

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