Tsukiji Fish Market // Sushi Breakfast (๑′ڡ‵๑)۶

When in Japan, sushi breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market is a must go, especially when they are going to be closing the area down in mid-2016. 

After going once earlier in Winter, I came back again in the summer to take my dear friend, Steph, for a reasonable cheap and delicious sushi breakfast. We did want to Sushi Dai for breakfast but knowing we would have to wake up extremely early just put us off. 

Instead we decided to go to the market around 9am and look around different stores and see what other sushi restaurants were out there. 

This was one part of the market I had not seen the last time I went and I was finally seeing the local market goodies such as dried goods, pottery, knives, tea leaves, etc. 

When I saw this store filled with amazing pottery for bowls, cups, plates, etc. I couldn't resist and entered. They have such amazing designs and quality! Must check it out, especially if you're looking for something a bit unique. 

Near the pottery store, I saw this guy packing some high quality mushrooms!! 

We finally chose the place we wanted to eat and in front of their store they had a turtle named Jessica, which I'm guessing is to bring prosperity to the shop.

The shop was called Tsukiji Kagura Sushi, which offered various set menu's to choose from. They open from 10am which was good since we spent the hour looking at all the interesting stuff at the market.

Steph and I chose the Tsukiji set which comes with 7 pieces of sushi, 1 sushi roll, egg, 1 conger eel and miso soup. 

While we were waiting for our sushi sets to be maid I saw a large tuna set aside and had to take a snap of it! Look how evenly spread out the fat is!!

Our sushi sets were placed in front of us and honestly I had no idea what fishes was being served. Although I could definitely differentiate the toro from the rest! The toro literally melted in my mouth and it tastes so divine! I would highly recommend getting just a plate of toro!! Everything was really nice, except the eel...it was more on the fishy side than usual, and eels are usually my favorite sushi's to eat too. That was the only disappointment to this set. 

Before moving onto our next destination we stopped by this shop which sells tea and seaweed. I actually purchased quite a few can's of tea leaves from here for myself and friends as their tea flavors were quite lovely. Another reason why I entered this shop was because of this good-looking and friendly staff (who is seen standing in this photo with the apron). He was extremely nice to tell us about the different tea types and he could also speaks English which is great for tourist. When at the register we had the chance to do a lucky draw! Knowing my luck I already knew I was going to get a "MISS" for sure and to my guess...I was right. But the lady shop owner was so nice and she said it didn't count and drew another one for me! And to my luck she drew out the BIG PRIZE!! We then headed off to Asakusa! 
Yesterday I finally got half my studies done for my first exam and shall continue more today! But first thing first breakfast then off to learn how to snorkel! Hope you all have a lovely Friday!! 
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