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It has been a while since I last reviewed a pair of colour contact lens and I did purchase quite a few from Japan so I should really start on getting those detailed reviews up for you guys. 

To start off, I will be reviewing on the Angelcolor Daily Bambi Series which is produced by famous former Popteen model and singer, Tsubasa Masuwaka. Angelcolor is also one of the most popular contact lens brand in Japan. 

During my summer Japan trip I managed to pick up a few more different styles of lens such as the Vintage collection from the Bambi Series. I picked up their one-day lens in Vintage Brown & Vintage Olive. This collection aims to achieve a more natural and wearable look compared to the first collection, which was more vivid and dolly. 

Today I will review their Vintage Brown shade. I purchased a box of 10 lens, which are 5 pairs, as I wanted to play it safe and also have the opportunity to try out other brands, colour's and designs.

From memory the box of 10 lens was about 2500 yen (rounded off) and comes in their individual casings. Here is a little bit more information on these lens:
-Diameter: 14.2mm
-BC: 8.5
-Life Span: 24 hours

One-day Vintage Brown Bambi series Ratings:
After coming across daily wear lens I have never looked back! These pair are incredibly comfortable and breathable. After about 6-8 hours I would usually re-hydrate my eyes with some eye drops, if I'm out from morning till night. 
These pair of lens create the most natural awakening look as the design blends in well with my natural eye colour (dark brown). The lens is about 2-3 shades lighter than my own which gives a softer yet romantic look.

When you wear these lens you can definitely see the difference in size. Although it does have a enlarging effect, it is not so extreme that it creates a glassy doll look. Instead the enlarging effect just assists in making it seem you have brighter and bigger eyes. 

Honestly I am so impressed with the price in Japan! Super cheap compared to purchasing online, but when you're not in Japan it can be hard to find a reasonable price or a reliable distributor

I absolutely love these pair of lens! They are incredible natural and sometimes I cannot tell if I'm wearing lens myself. You can pair these lens in any way as the shade is so natural it becomes versatile to many different makeup looks. I can definitely see myself purchasing a box of 30 lens the next time I head to Japan. 

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