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Devon is a very a popular cafe located 3-5 minutes away from Central Station and they also have a second location in Waterlook called Devon on Danks. Although my very first experience at Devon was not a positive one, I decided to give it another go and since then I've been going there once in a while when I feel like a brunch session. Here is a compilation of a few of their dishes that I have tried out to this date. 

The first dish I ever tried from Devon was their Citrus Cured Salmon. To be honest I didn't really like this dish as the flavors were a bit odd for my taste buds. From memory it was quite sour yet salty? Yeah....wasn't that great but definitely did look good for photos! 

The second visit I came with my childhood friend Stephy and this was when I fell in love with Devon. 

Egg Bellini: Steph ordered this dish as it was the salmon that appealed to her. This dish was very well presented and the pancakes were not too thick nor too thin. The ingredient flavors complimented one another in harmony.

Breakfast with the Sakuma's: An amazing dish! The salmon is not entirely cooked giving it that soft and smooth texture which allows it to glide down your mouth with every bite. The croquette was well made, and I could taste the smoked eel within. What was even better is they used Kewpie mayonnaise which went perfectly with both the salmon and eel croquette. Although this dish is incredibly popular I must say the quality of the dish can vary depending on the time of day I suppose, as my friend order this dish during the busy lunch hour and the fish was overcooked and croquette was quite salty, I'm guessing fried a bit longer than expected. 

Lost Little Bird: I personally enjoyed this dish very much! It's perfect to have when you get those chocolate or peanut butter craves! Absolutely loved the fried banana's too! 

Two Chicks in Basque: The flavors of this dish was quite lovely and definitely warms you up in the winter and their onsen eggs are always on point. Although I do prefer Grandma's baked egg dishes more, as this one was definitely missing some punch to it. 

Kaya Toast: The kaya toast was really nice, but I wasn't sure about the onsen eggs in the syrup. I was a bit confused there.

KJI Chicken Burger: This burger sounded and looked amazing but the chicken was a little dry that day so I couldn't really savor it as much as I would of loved to. It also comes with a small side of fries. 

Devon's Style Fish Cakes:  This dish is more on the light and refreshing side thanks to the cabbage and herbs used. Once again the onsen egg is cooked to perfection and the fish cake was packed with king salmon. 

Coffees, tea's & juices: In general their coffees, tea's and juices are quite delicious! Highly recommend their juices as they are a great way to detox and treat your body 

Overall, I do enjoy coming to Devon whenever I get the salmon dish craving. Their Sakuma dish is definitely my favorite but I have yet to try their store on Dank St and their dinner menu too! Cannot wait to go on a night adventures at Devon and share my experiences with you guys again!

Davon Cafe
76 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, 2010
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri; 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun: 8am-3:30pm
(Kitchen closes at 3pm)
Ph: (02) 9211 8777
Good evening my darlings, today I was meant to pick up my room but was contacted by a friend of mine to come down to the cafe she works in Bronte for a trial run of a launch this Sunday. I've already snapped a few photo's which I will share with you guys Sunday morning!
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