VIVA LA VIDA // Coco Cubano launch their new Summer menu (*≧▽≦)

Last week I was invited to attend Coco Cubano’s tropical themed event to launch their new summer menu. Coco Cubano was established by husband and wife, Tony and Avril Melhem as a result of their love towards Cuban’s culture.

Coco Cubano’s summer menu launches nationally across all their venues yesterday (8th Dec) where you will be able to indulge o their Cuban-inspired menu. The introduction of this menu was shaped around the concept of "Endless Summer with a Cuban twist". Their menu intends on transporting you to a faraway place as it's time to live the life, Viva La Vida!

They use local produce, achieving a blend of Australian and authentic Cuban flavors, that will leave you wanting more. Without further delay, let me share with you guys what we got to taste on the night of the launch and hopefully it leaves you hungry for more too!

The event was held at Top Ryde shopping centre on a Wednesday evening and I invited Oscar and Ray to come with me on this foodie adventure. Upon arrival our names were checked off and cocktails were being served.

We were told to sit anywhere we fancied so I chose the closest table, where I also picked up these flowers to wear~

Shortly after I sat down, a waitress came by to serve us some cocktails. I picked up their Coco Colada, which was refreshing! It has a subtle coconut taste along with some sourness to it, which I believe they mixed in some pineapples. 

As time ticked, our starters had arrived. The first one was their Tostones, which are crunchy plantains with guacamole and mango salsa. It was a lovely light dish to begin with and the mango salsa was lovely!

Their other starter dish was their Havana Dip Plate with totilla chips. It can be quite a filling dish due to the use of beans but we had to leave some room in our bellies to eat what was to come. 

Entrees were next on the list and when the food party really picked up. These El Pollo Pollo fried chicken drumettes with red mojo dipping sauce got everyone on the table super excited. The chicken itself was not bad, but it was definitely the sauce that got everyone wanting more! 

 Second item off the launch menu was their Chilli Caramel Pork Belly with green mojo dipping sauce. Just hearing the first 4 words already made me drool! I loved how there was a bit of sweetness to the pork to really balance out the savory flavors. 

Their refreshing Tropical Prawn Salad was just perfect! It came with lettuce, prawns, heart of palm, tomato salsa, mango salsa, avocado and green mojo dressing. Their prawns were cooked to perfection and tasted amazing when you squeeze some lime juice on top. 

Then their Cuban Fried Rice with chorizo, chargrilled corn and black bean was served. By this point we were starting to get quite full, until I read the menu...we stilled had 6 dishes and dessert to go! 

 In between our entree and main we had Elote chargrilled corn cob, with red mojo aioli, parmesa cheese. This was quite nice to have, although it would taste just as nice without the heavy dressing too~

As soon as we finished off the corn cob we were then served two massive jugs of Frozen Daiquiei and Sangria, which were perfect to share for large groups. Both we delicious and refreshing in taste. 

Their Cubano were like club sandwiches, which came with sliced ham, roast pork, Swiss cheese, pickles and mustard. It also came along with some fries which we pretty much scoffed down too. 

Next up was their Arroz Con Pollo, Cuban spiced half chicken with brown sofrito rice. The chicken was tender and moist and paired quite well with the seasoning of the rice. 

When the next dish arrived I thought we were having pork ribs until I read the menu. They were actually Beef Short Ribs, which are glazed in BBQ rum and slow cooked till the meat just falls off the bone. 

By this time of the night we were definitely hitting our peak and the final  main dish as served. The Pork Rapa Vieja is slow cooked pulled pork with beans and rice and tortilla. The flavors of the pulled pork and bean rice tasted wonderful together. 

Finally dessert time! As we gradually got closer to the end of the night we were still super excited as we have yet to try their desserts and dessert-like drinks. 

First dessert was the Citrus Cheesecake with passionfruit, fresh pineapple and caramel sauce. I absolutely loved it! The cake was moist and had a lovely citrus taste which made my taste buds jump for joy! I highly recommend getting this cake! 

Their last dessert was the Buñuelo, which are warm cinnamon-sugared donut balls with chocolate pot and berry jam. These were like....MMM!!! SO GOOD!! You may have to fight your friends for when there is only one ball standing left!

Then there was Coco Cubano's  dessert cocktails. The one on the right is their Chocolate & Rum Washed "Brownie", which looked amazing and tasted wonderful. 

However, it was definitely the Salted Caramel Espresso Martini that caught my taste buds hooked on. Unlike the coffee patron, which is quite strong on that coffee flavor, this drink has been balanced out with the sweetness of the additional flavors they have used. By the end of the night I had two of these~ 

Next up, their crazy shakes were being delivered and first up was their Triple Choc Batido. I must say the brownies were really good! They were at the perfect sweetness level, moist and bite size too. 

The final shake was their Salty Dulce de Leche, which tasted just a nice as it looks. I was definitely struggling to get more sips because I was so full. 

While everyone else was still trying out the drinks and all, I decided to grab my friend, Oscar and rush inside to take some shots with the interior that they had. 

 I mean just look at all this stuff! Some were even vintage too!

 And here is one of my favorite shots!

Before we left I had to take a group photo with those sitting at my table. They are such lovely, kind and funny people and happy to have met them!

I also took a photo with self-claimed "first best-dressed" who I believe was in charge of the event and he kindly rewarded my friends and I with CD's for coming in themed and titled "second best-dressed!". Thank you!!

The final photo was with Tony and Avril Melhem, both who have a very fun and happy personality. Thank you and the PR team for inviting me and my friends to such a wonderful and fulfilling night! I have to say my favorite dishes of the night was their pork belly, prawn salad, cheese cake and donuts. As for my favorite drinks of the night, the Coco Colada, Sangria and Espresso Martini are on the top of my list.

Good morning guys~ I've been a little busy with work at the moment so I apologize for not uploading any videos lately! Also do enter my giveaway as it s opened up internationally and will close on the 25th Dec! 
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