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Finally getting another one of my Japan purchases review up today! Today I will be sharing with you guys my review on another pair of one day colour contact lens. 

The pair of lens are by Angelcolor, Modic series which only comes in two shades, Spotlight Grey & Pale Brown and I purchased a box of 10 lenses (meaning 5 pairs). 

The shade I decided to pick up was their Pale Brown as I have already picked up a few darker brown shades.

These contact lenses are a 1-day wear and also come in separate little packagings for each lens. I cannot remember the exact price but a box of 10 lenses for any brands are around the same price (of about 2500 yen). Here is a little bit more information on these lens:
-Diameter: 14.2mm
-BC: 8.6
-Life Span: 24 hours

One-day Vintage Brown Bambi series Ratings:

After coming across daily wear lens I have never looked back! These pair are incredibly comfortable and breathable. I would usually re-hydrate my eyes with some eye drops if I'm out from morning till night. 

These pair of lens are much lighter in colour compare to the rest that I purchased, but have a beautiful design and blend of shades which makes it wearable on a daily basis. I love how vibrant yet soft these lenses look!

When you wear these lens you can definitely see the difference in size. Although it does have a enlarging effect, it is not so extreme that it creates a glassy doll look. Instead the enlarging effect just assists in making it seem you have brighter and bigger eyes. 

Honestly I am so impressed with the price in Japan! Super cheap compared to purchasing online, but when you're not in Japan it can be hard to find a reasonable price or a reliable distributor

Once again, I absolutely love these pair of lens! You can never go wrong with any Angelcolor lenses in Japan. These pair can work beautifully with either light or heavier makeup, depending what look you are trying to go for! Definitely will be purchasing a box of 30 lenses the next time I go to Japan.

We are almost two weeks into the new year and I have already got two flights booked! I shall be travelling in about a week and my next adventure will happen in February. I am super excited but I'm going to be so poor after, so need to start saving even more money. This means no new purchases until I have a stable amount in my bank account again~
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