Farewell 2015 // Year Review щ(゜ロ゜щ)

2015 has been an amazing year travel-wise, job-wise and in general, I suppose. 

First off, travelling has always been a huge thing for me and I've always enjoyed exploring and experiencing the different cultures. In 2015 I went to Japan (twice!), Hong Kong, Hunter Valley, Melbourne, Cairns and Port Douglas. 

Going to Japan twice was a blessing! I got to experience the two very different weather conditions, Winter & Summer, and I do have to say I am loving their Summer! All my friends ask me why did I go to Japan again, well...all I can say is Japan is a country you will always want to go back to, especially in my case, as I've always been quite obsessed with their culture for as long as I can remember now. It all started with anime & sushi! 

On the other hand, Hong Kong was such a huge disappointment! I remember the last time I went to HK was back in 2012 for a cousin's wedding and I had so much fun, eating, shopping and hanging with my relatives. After a 3 year gap, a huge difference can definitely be seen. The people are just plain rude now and I was so glad I was out of HK in 3 days! However, what did make HK a tad okay to stay, being able to see my brother and dad and the food. Also, I enjoyed the bike riding day we had, that was super fun! 

Soon after my HK/Japan Summer trip, the boyfriend, Mr.Smiles took me to Hunter Valley for my birthday. I have never been to Hunter Valley before so it was definitely an exciting trip for me. We had so much fun getting drunk on wine & fat on cheese. It was a super fun and chill birthday. 

Again, shortly after my trip to Hunter Valley, I was off to Melbourne to attend the boyfriend's relatives wedding. It was cute and beautiful~ We also had mini food adventures along the way~ I love visiting Melbourne for the great food, amazing coffee and unique bars. 

Cairns & Port Douglas was one of my highlight trips in 2015. I have yet to upload blog post & vlogs on this adventure but I had the most amazing experience and fun! I went with my boyfriend and we explored the Great Barrier Reef, Daintree Rainforest and it was the first time I ever went Skydiving.

batman, money, and job image
Job-wise in 2015, I was jobless when I came back from Japan the first time round and so I was on the hunt for a new job. It took a while to find a casual job & go through the interview process, but after 2 months of searching and interviews, I finally landed myself a job! I absolutely love my team, as they are the funniest and chillest people ever and we get along all so well. Pay is not bad too so yeh~

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In general, 2015 was a lovely year! I got to travel more than I expected, continue to be with the one I love, catch-up with friends and family, found a new job and the list could go on! However I am ready to take on 2016 and I know so much more awaits me! The first half of the year will be my final semester in uni (OMG! finally!) and once again, I am planning some travel trips with my family, friends and boyfriend, so I cannot wait until they are up and running! Also, I cannot forget to mention that this year there will be so many good movies and anime coming out so I am extremely excited about those too!! I shall end this 2015 review post here and I'll see if I have time to make a new years resolution post for you guys too! Thanks so much for reading and please continue to support me again in 2016!!!
Ending this post with the last selfie in 2015!
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