Fushimi Inari Shrine & Kinkakuji // Kyoto Sight-Seeing ヾ(。・ω・)シ

Continuing on with my Japan Summer Trip 2015 blog entries, the following day after my visit to the Arashiyama Bamboo forest was visiting the Inari Shrine and Kinkakuji temple. 

Visiting the Fushimi Inari Shrine is definitely one of my favourite things to do when I come to Kyoto. It is a popular tourist location for it's beautiful and breathtaking scene and of course the tori gates that lie there. 

Because it is an incredibly popular tourist location, Steph and I headed out quite early so we could avoid the tour groups and also take many photo's without being photo bombed! 

Also, another improvement was made since my last visit to Inari shrine in the winter. There was signs to direct the crowd when the tori gates split into two tunnels, which we entered through the right hand side and exit to the left (if you're facing towards the mountain of the shrine).  

 This made it so much more easier to past through people, if they were maybe walking too slow and taking photo's was so much better too! 

Steph and I reached halfway and we saw this cute fox enma's. Many of the enma's had really cute and well-drawn anime/manga characters! I was super impressed, so I took a photo of it~ 

We started heading back to the front of the shrine when we reached halfway, as we wanted to visit the Kinkakuji temple before we left Kyoto later that day. The bridge I'm standing on is called "Jigoku Hashi" which translate as "Hell Bridge" (correct me otherwise).

Despite the name of the bridge though...look how pretty this small waterway looks with all that beautiful luscious greenery. 

Bye bye Fushimi Inari Shrine, till next time! Steph and I headed to Enmachi station and from there we took a bus towards Kinkakuji, which is also known as the "Temple of the Golden Pavillion". 

Kinkakuji was originally a villa which was later converted into a Zen temple. The scene honestly looks like it is from a storybook! S beautiful and peaceful! 

Even from the back, the temple is gorgeous! Steph and I followed the path and before we finished the walk we stopped by a tea house for some refreshments. 

We both ordered the cold matcha and cake set! The matcha was thick and bitter-sweet and the cake was quite delicious too! 

Steph and I were too happy and chill to leave, mainly because the tea house had aircon and outside was 32 degree hot! But we had to head back to our apartment soon as we were on the move to Osaka! 

Before leaving Kyoto, we went to a shopping strip in Kyoto called Shinkyogoku, where we had lunch at a place called STAR Restaurant.

Their prices were fairly cheap, which is the main reason we decided to try this place out! 

I ordered their Pork Katsu with omelette and spaghetti, which I believe cost around 800yeh (without tax). However taste-wise it isn't the best, but I did see a small group of girls who ordered the large parfait! It did look delicious but Steph and I had no stomach room to eat it. 

After eating, we shopped around and also found a nail salon so we decided to get our nails done too! However they didn't had any available till after 5pm. We still wanted to get our nails prettied up so we decided to wait by going to a nearby cafe for a small refreshment. 

We went to the Lipton Cafe and they actually have really delicious cakes and drinks! I highly recommend if you so happen to be around! This is the end to my adventures in Kyoto, however my adventures in Osaka shall be noted in my next blog post! 

Can you believe there is only one more day till February!! OMGSH! Time honestly flies by as you age! February will be a super busy month for me, such as celebrating Chinese New Years, even though half of my family members are in Hong Kong at this time (my younger brother left to HK yesterday~). So this year will be a bit more lonely than usual but I'm super excited at the same time, because right after CNY, I will be flying off to New Zealand with the boyfriend, Mr.Smiles! I am so looking forward to another travelling adventure! Once again I'll try to vlog as often as I can when I'm there!
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