Night Owls in Melbourne // Bar Hopping (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑

Once we got back home from our 2nd day in Melbourne, shopping and exploring, we all freshened up and got ready to head out for the night adventure. 

Took a selfie with my childhood bae, Stephy before we left. I didn't bring my camera out on this run just in-case we drink a little more than we expect. All the photos were taken with my phone so the quality will not be the best. 

 First stop, we went to the Croft Institute bar, where the theme is on mental institutions. We got 5 different drinks, which all came with a syringe which you can use to take a shot (of the drink).

 I had to revisit Double Happiness, after my first time going there in the Summer earlier that year. I ordered the Prairie Fire Cocktail. I can still remember the taste of this drink because of the vividness of the burning sensation. If you smell the drink it burns your nose, when you drink it, it burns your yeah for those who are not a huge fan of strong alcohol then do not get this! But if you want a challenge then this is the GO!!

 The next place we visited was called New Gold Mountain, which is located right next to Double Happiness, so it was pretty convenient. I ordered their Give Peas a Chance and I was blown away! The drink light yet you can taste the aromas of the snow peas. It was very refreshing and I absolutely loved this drink. It was my favorite drink of the night. 
Last stop we went to was called Madame Brussels. Once you get to the place you will kind of this place serving alcohol? because it looks more of a vintage high tea place. However the waiter was really nice and showed us to our seats and menu. We ordered a fruity-based alcoholic drink in a jug which we can share and a hummus platter. 

Overall bar hopping in Melbourne was great! I enjoyed the company of my friends and finding bars to try their different and unique drinks! Melbourne does do well when it comes to innovations! 
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