Back in Hong Kong // Minion craze in Sha Tin (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

As our plane from Japan hit Hong Kong in the evening, we headed back to our place and slept peacefully to gain strength for a next full day in Hong Kong. 

In the morning we did half a day worth of shopping in Sha Tin! Once we arrived at New Town Plaza, there was minion statues everywhere!

I believe the minion movie was soon-to air or was airing so the promotion of the minion movie was quite high!! 

Each statue is the adventures that the minion Kevin, Stewart and Bob went through to find their new leader!

Started off with the cave times and all~ 

Look how excited Kevin is with his fire, whereas Stewart is just like to toast!

This one was pretty cute~~

After all the photo taking and shopping in Sha Tin we moved onto our next destination for lunch. We decided we wanted high tea so I will share the photo's and the experience with your guys in another post! 

Hope you guys enjoyed all the cute photo's of most of the minion statues that I took with~ It was really hard to get these photo's because you'd have to jump in as soon as someone is done and also you might get photo-bombing kids because their parents just push them into the photo
Anyways, only 30 minutes will Chinese New Years and here I am blogging away while drinking a large glass of white wine!!!

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