Clubbing in Osaka // Nara Deer Park again! (^◇^*)/

Continuing my Summer Japan adventures, we left Kyoto in the evening and I took a photo of Kyoto tower as I headed into the station. Once we arrived in Osaka, we had a very hard time finding our accommodation. Steph's iphone map was not showing us the correct way, so we tried to ask someone, but was rudely told to go away. However, we didn't let it get to us and we asked the worker at the 7-eleven shop. He was so nice and showed us where we were and which direction to head towards to find our apartment. In the end I had to connect my dying phone to my laptop, which was in my suitcase, to access the map route that will lead us in the right direction. Honestly at this point, I didn't care how I would look, opening a suitcase in the middle of the streets. I just wanted to find our place and freshen up! 

Once we found our accommodation, we didn't waste the night and we took a shower, freshened up and Steph managed to message her friend (who was also in Japan at the time), to come out and come clubbing. We walked towards Dontonbori/Shinsaibashi and along the way I saw a young child selling Turkish ice-cream! 

Steph and I have never tried it before and we asked the kid if he works every night, as we weren't intending on eating the ice-cream on the spot. However, turn of events, a young Japanese man offered Steph and myself 2 Turkish ice-creams and I was really surprised but without thinking I thanked him and took the ice-cream on his offer. THANK-YOU THANK-YOU!! This guy was the start to making our night so much better!!

The club we decided to go to this time was called PURE. Once again like the WOMB club in Shibuya, you can use your Australian driver's license as a form of ID there. 

PURE is an all-you-can-drink (free!) club and all you pay is the entry fee into the club. For women it is 2500 yen & men is 4000 yen. The all-you-can-drink was what made Steph and I choose this place and I definitely got my money's worth of drinks...The music and crowd was pretty good and it was also the first time I've ever gotten so drunk that I actually had blank spots in my memory. All in all, it was a super fun night.

We arrived at Osaka in the evening after our visit in Kyoto. The following morning we headed off to Nara, which is about an hour train ride from Osaka or Kyoto station. 

Nara is well known for the deers that reside there, which is why you will see tonnes of deer-related souvenirs and deer-shaped food too. 

Additionally, there is also a well known mochi pounding shop in Nara which is on display daily. The store is called Nakatanidou [中谷堂].

If you've read my winter Nara visit you will know that these mochi's are freshly made and super delicious. You can tell how fresh it is by look at the buoyancy of the mochi. The texture and taste is as good as I remembered it to be. Grab a few of these while you walk towards the Deer Park

Once we got to the park I saw so many deer's just chilling under the shade because it was quite hot that day.

There were also a lot more deer's with antlers this time round compared to my winter visit too. 

 I think we found the deer whisperer that day too...I mean look at how many deer's this guy has enchanted!!

Favourite photo that day was this derp photo of this deer. It's actually not that easy to capture a derp photo of them because they always look so cute. However, one managed to nib on my belly when I was filming because it thought I had food.  

After visiting the deer's, Steph and I headed back to Osaka city, where we shopped in Yodabashi Camera for electronics, makeup and skincare for family and ourselves. We stayed there for quite some time and by the time we came out, the sun had already set. 

We headed back to Osaka and did some quick shopping around Dontonbori & Shinsaibashi. Then we went to dinner at Isomarusuisan, which is a seafood restaurant that has many branches across Japan. The first time I ever ate there was in Shibuya Isomarusuisan
Their salmon sashimi was super cheap and delicious! Like consider super good quality here in Sydney! 

I couldn't leave the restaurant without getting their famous miso crab! It was so good and I was literally melting from the flavours and happiness of eating this. After dinner and some more shopping, we headed home as the next day we were off to Universal Studio's!! 

Only 5 days till Chinese New Year and 9 days till I fly off to New Zealand. I am super excited yet slightly stressed as I will be working heaps the next two weeks and I also need to pack for NZ. I need to get most of the packing done by tomorrow as I literally have no time to pack next week!
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