Rit-Carlton OZONE Bar // Best View in Hong Kong (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

After a long day shopping at Sha Tin & TST, Steph and I headed to the well-known OZONE Bar at Ritz-Carlton, for a night of drinks and glam. It was also Steph's birthday that day so we had to get out for some drinks right!

This shot is one of my favorite photos from that night capturing the light and interior design of the bar itself. There were no tables outside and so we had to get a table inside. With tables there is a minimum you must spend, which is HK$1000, which is not bad if you have a group of people.

We ordered the Foie gras with dried figs and port wine. This was really rich in flavour and really delicious. 

Steph ordered the Rose Bubble Martini, which is made from sake, rose tea, lychee, cucumber and ozone bubble air. The drink was light and delicious, perfect to have if you want something refreshing and light.
I ordered the Dragontini, which is made from vodka, raspberry liquer, raspberry, yuzu and basil foam. This was more flavourful and thicker consistency compared to the Rose Bubble Martini. 

We also ordered some mini wagyu beef burgers, rustic french fries with cheese and black truffle and cripsy seaweed calamari. The fries were the best truffle fries I've ever had! I highly recommend ordering them if you're there! 

When we moved to the outer bar area, we could see the beautiful city lights of Hong Kong. This is honestly one of the best views I've seen in Hong Kong and I highly recommend going for a drink, so you can see this amazing view! 

After a good night of eating and drinking, we headed back home and enjoyed the rest of the night chilling and watching TV. 

Only a sleep away until I head off to New Zealand. I'm not sure about the wifi there so I will try to update my blog if I can,otherwise my instagram for sure!
Anyways back to work for me!!!!
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