Last day in HK // Scenic Bike Riding in Hong Kong °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

The following day, which was our last full day in HK, Steph and I headed out with my big brother, Tim and dad for some quality HK lunch! I ordered the pork knuckle with egg noodle soup. Super delicious and cheap!!

We had our day already planned out and it was a full day of bike riding with the family! I was really excited to get some quality exercise from this trip. 
We hired our bikes for the day and we setted off, along the bike route! I haven't ridden a bike since I was 10 years old so it definitely took me down memory lane. 

It was super easy to remember how to ride the bike, but controlling it I'm not the best, haha~! I have a weird way of breaking and all, but I survived so yeah! 

Along our biking journey there were many beautiful scenes and I had to stop and take some photos!! I mean how often do you get to see the blue sky and blue waters in Hong Kong right!

Halfway through biking, we had a pit stop for refreshments and reapply our sunscreen. Also took a cute selfie with my dad~ 

How could I forget taking a photo with little Steph Steph~ OMGSH! By this point I was already super sweaty!! Look at that sheen!

My big brother rode shirtless, so I decided to save you guys from that sight haha! But I had a wonderful time bonding with my family through bike riding. This was my favourite day while I was in Hong Kong and the next day we were flying back to Sydney!

Good morning, I woke up around 7:48am and I can say I'm slightly jet-lagged 
 with the time difference with Sydney and New Zealand. I just came back last night and had a really good sleep so I cannot wait to start editing my videos and writing the blogpost on my adventure, but first I will be heading into work for the next two days so I will do so early next week!
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