Universal Studios Japan (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* // Last night in Japan Summer 2015 (。•́︿•̀。)

On our final full day in Japan, Steph and I headed off to Universal Studio. We left our place quite early in the morning and we rushed to get the ticketing for the Harry Potter site. It was super hot that day so as we lined up under the sun, we used out hand towels to shelter our faces. 

The first ride we did was the JAWS ride. Can you see the fin!! The tour was in Japanese so if you're unable to understand it is still okay! You can pretty much guess what is happening anyway~

 So many people and new restaurants and cafe around the place. The cafes and restaurants were mostly One Piece themed, I believe there was a movie or something coming out during that time. 

 Can you see the marine sign too! Super busy busy day!

 As we moved along to our next ride, we saw the minions performing! So we had to stop by and watch!! Look how cute they are. 

 As we turned around we saw the minion buns! So both Steph and myself bought one bun each and a drink to refresh ourselves. 

Look how cute this bun is!! Inside is filled with anko (red bean paste!), it was surprising quite nice~ 

Too cute to eat, but we are hungry so bye bye minion buns! 

Next, we headed towards Hogsmead! It definitely is a bit off seeing the snowy scene of Hogsmead in summer. 

And there is the express Hogwart train! There were also performers, re-enacting the scene where two other wizarding schools come to Hogwarts. 

 In summer they also have butter beer, but frozen!! Which actually taste much better than the hot one (because it gets way to sweet!!). 
Steph and I got a frozen butter beer each, in a normal cup, since I didn't really needed the souvenir cup anyway. 

After the performance and butter beer stop, Steph and I quickly moved towards the Hogwarts castle to line up for the main attraction there. During my winter trip I didn't go because the wait was 3 hours long and it was raining too. 

Since we came early we should be able to avoid such a long queue right...NOP! No matter how early you are there will still be a queue, it says 3 hours (again). However, we lined up for about 1hr 45min, which is still a long wait but the ride was quite fun! It is really interesting how the took scenes from the Harry Potter movie and popped it into the ride itself. 

 Next we moved onto the souvenir shops! I found Fluffy the 3-headed dog headpiece! Look how big it is!! It also comes in a mini version too~

My hero~ Spider Man is one of the heroes that my boyfriend likes. So kiss kiss and make him jelly~ (He didn't get jelly at all, infact he wanted to hold Spider Man too!). 

Next I tried on Luffy's sun hat! HELLO!!!! 

For lunch we went to the Pirate restaurant by the younger version of Luffy's brother? Usually theme park foods are not that great, but this was actually really good! Really impressed with the quality and flavors!!!

We literally stayed at Universal Studio's till the end. We caught a glimpse of their night float show. 

Look how pretty this peacock float is!!

 Whose dress are the birds making???

 After the night float parade it was time to head back. Until next time!!!

Once we got back to Shinsaibashi, we went to have dinner at the same place, Isomarusuisan, for dinner again!

First off we ordered ourselves beer and cider! The refreshing feeling from drinking, after a long day is just wonderful. 

 Moving onto the seafood, we ordered clams, squid, salmon sashimi (Steph's favorite!). 

We also got their seafood salad, which has salmon, tuna, squid and seaweed in it!! Super light and refreshing to have during the summer. 

 Got some tofu too! It was smooth and delicious! 

And of course, the famous miso crabs!! Super good good good stuff! I had two of these for myself!!! My cholesterol level just shot up the roof that night! 

After dinner, we went to Don Quijote which is opened 24 hours in Osaka! So of course there was quite a lot of tourist buying like crazy and we shopped until 2am. 

I guess the reason why we shopped so late was because we were also fooling around with the stuff there too! There is so much to see, observe, try and buy at Don Quijote which is why I highly recommend dedicating a few hours to get through all the levels in the shop! 

Once we finished shopping we headed back to our apartment and started the huge task of packing everything! We packed until 4:30am in the morning so we slept in the following day for a bit. We then headed back out to Osaka to do some last minute shopping and visited places we wanted to see before heading to the airport. We then took the plane back to Hong Kong. 
It was an amazing trip I cannot wait to come back again! Hope you guys enjoyed reading all my adventures in Japan during the summer last year! Next up is to finish off my Hong Kong adventures before I blog about my more recent trips!! 

I finished packing most my stuff for New Zealand today, the only things I need to pack away are my chargers, camera & laptop. I'm also super excited for Chinese New Year Eve as I will be spending it with my relatives! YAY!! 
If you do celebrate the Lunar new year how are you guys spending Chinese New Year Eve this year?? 
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