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I came to Bronte for the first time early December last year to taste-test the launch of Cafe La Plage for a friend of mine who worked there. 

The modern cafe and restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner at affordable prices and use organic coffee beans, tea's and eggs. 

At that time they had just recently opened and my friend wanted to improve the flow of customers coming into the store, so she came up with a plan and invited me to taste test to see what could be improved. Hence some of the shakes you'll see in this blog entry may or may not have made the cut to be on the menu. Also, in the photo above you can see my friend, Dani, trying to take the perfect picture of her creation and the manager of the cafe, Lena, coming to see the creations. 

The first freak shake that I tried was the "Chocolate Muffin" shake. When I saw my friend bringing it out, I was already thinking..."How on earth am I going to devour this thing?". It was huge and piled up so high the muffin could fall any minute! But the smart thing was she used a board to display the shake so that any mess would just fall onto the board. Flavour wise, just like your usual chocolate milk shake to be honest. 

Next up came their "Oreo" shake, and again I was thinking "OMG, how to even begin!". You can see the icecream is in the way so it was definitely a messy and challenging moment! Out of all the shakes I had tasted that day, this was definitely my favourite because it tasted exactly like it was meant to advertise as! 

Next up was "Caramel", now caramel was fun, but it the taste reminded me of popcorn, so that's when I told Dani why not make it into a "Salted Caramel with popcorn" shake instead. As I had already seen so many so much chocolate drizzled on the last two that was in front of me, so something different would be better. 

The "Chocolate Chip Cookie" shake was next and it was massive!! Again the shake tasted like your usual average milkshake so there wasn't much to 'wow' about except about the overflowing of goodies. 

Next up was "Vanilla & Smores". Dani didn't have the flame torch yet at that time, but I could imagine this being a hit. I haven't heard of a smores milkshake before so this would be interesting! 

 The cafe manager was nice and made me their granola muesli with seasonal fruit. The gronola was really good! 

After taste-testing all the shakes, I thought something was missing and it was "Strawberry". We discussed my ideas of having white chocolate, strawberries and even other fruit shakes or smoothies to the menu to make it more fun. Dani agreed and more shakes were created for the official launch the following weekend. Although I was invited by a friend to taste-test their shakes, free of charge, all my thought and opinions on each individual one is what I really thought about them when I tried them. Nothing really special about the shakes but I mean they are great to take photo's of. Meal wise I haven't had the chance to drop by and eat there (because Bronte is a trek to get to for me), but I shall visit there one day. 

Cafe La Plage
Shop 1, 465 Bronte Rd, Bronte, Sydney, NSW
Opening Hours:  Tues-Sun: 9am - 9pm
Ph: (02) 9369 5362

Cafe La Plage Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Only a few more days until April now!! My mates at work and I have decided to do a clean eat for a month challenge, which I will keep a record of for future health, fitness & diet tip videos for you guys!!  
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