Daintree Rainforest-Cape Tribulatin via. Mossman Gorge Tour °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

The following day in Port Douglas, we were off on a tour to see the Daintree rainforest. 

First stop we visited the Mossman Gorge. We saw the water, which was still and clear. 

We were surrounded entirely by nature and all its beauty! 

 We were on the tour with people from the US, Germany and France. 

My zen-mode shot, which I also posted on my instagram account too. 

We then walked through the Daintree forest, where we learnt about the creatures that lived here and also the trees. 

Can you see the two snake-like lizards!! They were out to enjoy the heat that day! 

We then moved the information centre, where some of us had a toilet break before we hopped onto our cruise across the Daintree river! While we were waiting for our group members, we noticed some green tree frogs hanging around inside. 

 Time to move onto our cruise!! We were excited to see some crocodiles but during the summer they don't like to come out to play that much. 

Luckily for us we managed to catch a glimpse of this massive croc swimming by! The boat behind us just missed him by a few minutes. 

Plus our ride was more fun, because we had the owners pet dog on board with us! He was our lookout guard dog....well not really..he posed for a bit then went to the back of the boat, picking up sticks from the water. It's his favourite thing to do. 

We then were off to Cape Tribulation. It looked so beautiful and made you want to go for a swim here! Here's a few more photos of the place. 

When our guide had finished telling the story behind this location we headed off to find our picnic spot for lunch!

We had coffee/tea, muffins, steak and salad too! So much food for us all. 

 After lunch, it was time for dessert...well kind of. We were introduced to the green ants, where you can lick their bright green butts and it will taste lemony! So of course we had to give it a go!! Boy was it sour and it was my first time licking a butt....

As we finished up lunch, we then got changed into our swimmers as we were able to take a dip in the daintree forest waters, which was of course crocodile-free! 

The water was crystal clear but the rocks were quite slippery so it can be a bit hard to climb over them. The current that day was a bit strong so great for a back massage haha! 

Our final stop of the tour was ICE-CREAM! The ice-cream made at the Daintree ice-cream store are all made from real fruits which are grown in their front yard orchards of various fruits!! We got their 3 flavours of the day which were pineapple mango, passionfruit and wattle seed! It was super delicious!! Highly recommend it if you ever pass by! 
Good evening loves! Today I caught up with my dear friends Suyin and TonyLion! We cooked lunch and just had a lovely time catching up while listening to music. It was a really good day spent!
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