Hunter Valley // Celebrating my birthday in 2015 (≧∇≦)/

Last year, the day I came back from my HK/JP Summer trip, it was my birthday and my boyfriend had prepared a surprise getaway to Hunter Valley the following weekend. I have never been to Hunter Valley before so I was pretty excited. 

Once we arrived at our destination we did the wine and cheese tasting which was great! We had so much to try and great cheese to choose from. First wine stop was McGuigan!

We also purchased a small piece of truffle brie cheese to take home with us. It tastes so amazing, we totally regretted not purchasing a larger piece.

We walked across a field of flowers where some were blooming so I took a shot of them. 

Unfortunately for us, as we did go in winter, the vines were all empty so there were no grapes to be seen.

But it was still a beautiful place to be. 

 The our wine pit-stop was at Tempus Two! They have an amazing selection of red and white wines. My two favourite wineries would have to be McGuigan and Tempus Two. 

For dinner, we headed out to Legends Grill. It is a slightly on the expensive side but we had nowhere else to eat so yeah. 

First up the grilled scallops, which were cooked to perfection!

Next up was the pork belly, I mean look at the crunchy skin!!

Then the finale of the night! This steak was just pure goodness! I couldn't believe how amazing it tasted and it just melted in my mouth. The fries and accompanying sauces went very well. 

The following morning, before we departed back to Sydney, we explored the Botanical garden which was quite beautiful. 

There was also a storybook section, where I climbed up onto this huge chair! It was a struggle to get up!!! 

We then left to try one more winery out, but is a little different. They sold spirits instead and various flavoured vodka's. I did try a few crazy flavored ones such as chilli, coffee, ginger, lemon and by far chilli is the worst because it actually burns! 

We made one more quick stop for lunch and dessert before heading back home! I got pumpkin gnocchi with rocket and cheese. 

My boyfriend got the pie and it was really interesting when I saw it come out and it taste really good too! Very hearty and warm!

Last of all dessert, as we drove past and had to turn back to give it ago. We decided to get their platter as they were famous for their chocolate mouse. We also got a cookies'n'cream cake too. 
This was a lovely getaway for my birthday and I wouldn't have spent it any other way. As for this year, I have no idea what I will do for my birthday but it is still ages away so I can think of it when we approach the date.
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