KylieCosmetic // Part 1- Guide to shopping and successfully purchasing the lip kits ٩(♥ω♥*)۶

Kylie Jenner had launched Kylie Cosmetics early in 2016 and has swept across the beauty world since. Her lip kits, which include a liquid lipstick and lip liner, retails at US$29. It has been a huge hit not only for the Kylie Jenner fans, but also beauty guru's and on YouTube and make-up lovers too. 

The lip kits are extremely desirable as they apparently stay on for an amazing length of time without smudging. Even though there have been a number of releases, purchasing these babies can be tough and it is like competing in the hunger games against the world to win a lip kit over the internet. This is why I will be sharing the process of shopping with Kylie Cosmetics and my tips on how to successfully make a purchase (hopefully!). 

So far, Kylie has been restocking her website on a weekly, but sometimes a fortnightly basis and it has been quite consistent. Although, the exact time and dates to shop these lippies are only revealed through her app (which you have to purchase...). 
However there are quite a few instagram accounts out there that release this information, which is great for the rest of us who do not wish to purchase her app but do want to get our hands on those lip kits.

Once you know the date and time (usually in pacific time),  convert it back to your local time/date. E.g. 4pm Monday PST = 10am Tuesday AEST (for Sydney-siders). After finding out what time/date the lip kits are released you just wait patiently until that day. Also use your desktop or laptop computer as it makes it much easier and faster to input your information. Speed is key!

On the day of the release, I usually head onto the website about 5-10 minutes before the launch time. About a minute away from the launch time, I get ready to refresh the page on the dot. It usually takes about a few seconds after the exact launch time, to see the actual products being available for purchased. Once you can see the products, right click on shades you want and open them up in a separate tab. This will save time on you having to go back and forth, adding each individual shade to your cart. 

When you have added the lip kits you want, continue onto the checkout page with the latest tab/last lip kit page you added into your cart. It will show you what shades you have in your cart on the right hand side of the website. 

Now the first time I purchased the lip kits I had to fill out all my shipping and payment details individually. However, the second time I purchased (as I wanted to get their new shade and a shade that I missed out on the last purchase) I joined up to their VIP sign up the day before the launch. Their VIP sign up will automatically fill out your shipping details and the only information you need to fill out is your payment information which is why I highly recommend signing up so you have less to do when checking out.

When you have proceeded to the checkout page, you will choose your shipping address (if you have signed up then the shipping address is automatically filled!) and method of shipping, which is a flat rate US$14.95 for standard international delivery. 

Then, continue onto the next page to choose your payment method. They only accept Master, Visa or AMEX, so do not count on your Paypal to complete your purchase. I usually COPY (Ctrl + C) my credit card number, so that when it comes to payment, you can simply PASTE (Ctrl + V) it in. Once you have completed filling in the payment details, advance onto completing your order.Your order will buffer for about a minute or two, confirming if the shades you want are still available. 


There are three situations that can happen, the first situation is the website crashing due to the amount of people on the website. If this occurs, refresh the page and keep refreshing the page until it no longer appears.

The other thing that can happen is, the buffering page which will usually say “Your order is being processed – your wait time is approximately 2 minutes.” However, if a shade is sold out during the buffering, it will take you back to the complete order page to inform you of this information. You will have to click the "complete order" button again if you want to continue purchasing the other shades that you have in your cart. Another way to find if a shade is sold out is when you try to place it into your shopping cart it will show a sold out message.

On the other hand, if your order is successful you will proceed to a page which has an order confirmation number on it and you will also shortly receive an order confirmation email with your order details. 

Once you have received your order confirmation email, you just need to wait for your shipping confirmation email. This can take up to 2 weeks for international orders but once you receive this email it will have your package tracking number in it so you can follow the progress of your package to your door.

Thanks for reading and hopefully you find this guide useful. Feel free to share it with everyone you know and hopefully, you have a lot of success using these tips to get your hands on your much-desired lip kits. Once I have received both my orders, I will blog part 2 of the KylieCosmetic blog entry, where I will be doing a lip kit product & swatch review for you guys. 

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