Snorkeling on Green Island // Swimming with a Sea Snake & Moray Eel?! (*/ω\*)

Continuing my adventure in Port Douglas, we were picked up by our coach early the following morning and headed off Cairns. As soon as we got to Cairns we had about 2 hours to spare before our next Snorkelling tour so we walked around the area and went for a coffee run. 

I ordered an iced coffee, which came with a white chocolate wafer stick. The drink itself was alright, but nothing special. 

We continued our walk around town until it was time to head to our Green Island tour.

We got to the docks on time, and there were a lot of Chinese tour groups and Japanese tourist hopping onto the boat to go to Green Island too.

Our tour was with Big Cats, where we get a return boarding ticket for the boat ride to Green Island and a buffet lunch when we arrive.

The boat ride to Green island was so beautiful! The water so clear and blue too!

I managed to catch a glimpse of a turtle splashing on the surface before diving back into the water, as we approached the island.

Once we got onto the island, Mr.Smiles and I took a few snaps and headed straight towards the buffet dining boat, while the Chinese tourist were taking photos and selfie's. This gave us enough time to beat the crowd.

However, when it was our turn to get our food, the Chinese tourist swarmed in and just pushed ahead of everyone else lining up, putting their faces right up against the food to smell it. They were incredibly rude, even the staff on the boat seemed annoyed because they were not listening to the rules.

Nevertheless, we ate quickly so we could get away from this crowd and enjoy our swim. Their curry was pretty good I must say!

We headed straight towards the beach once we were done with lunch and off we went for a snorkel and hoping to see a turtle or two this time round.
I was amazed yet slightly scared when I saw this school of fish. They were swimming in peacefully under the pier. 

The boyfriend, Mr.Smiles managed to capture an amazing shot of this yellow fish!

We even got to see this moray eel! It was  under the rock and decided to come out before noticing we were there. It swam back into the rock because they are quite shy creature. The one we saw was really big too! Kind of creepy looking but it was amazing! 

This was my second snorkel adventure and I have to saw it was so much more interesting because I got to see more sea life compared to the last one. We didn't see any turtles but I got to see a stingray, various fishes and even a school of them, moray eel and even a sea snake too! We just noticed a orangey snake-shape like creature swimming around, so we quickly swam away from it because, one, we didn't want to disturb it, two, I don't like snakes and three, all sea snakes are poisonous. At the end of the day we got back onto the boat and headed back to our hotel to freshen up for diner. 


Today I really didn't do as much as I would of loved too..All I did was my studies and watched a few movies online. Last night I managed to watch Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, it was alright I suppose. It wasn't terrible but nor was it very engaging? The second movie I watched before I went to bed was the Good Dinosaur. I have to say it is one of the cutest animated movies I have watched so far. Within the first 20 minutes I was crying, 10 minutes later I was laughing! I really enjoyed the concept of the movie and it looked as if they used real life scenery and placed the animated characters into it. Anyway I highly recommend watching it if you haven't already, it's such a beautiful story! 
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