Summer Holidays 2015// Port Douglas & Cairns σ(≧ε≦o)

As soon as second semester of 2015 had ended, a trip was already planned! To kick start my travelling plans, I was off to Port Douglas and Cairns for a couple of days. 
Once we landed in Cairns airport we were picked up and headed off to Port Douglas which is about an hour drive north. We booked our accommodation via AirBnB at a place called Hibicus Studios, managed by Karen.Karen was lovely and gave us a tour of the room and information that we may need. Our room came with a kitchenette and most of the essentials were provided. 

Once we had dropped off our luggage we headed out onto the main street of Port Douglas and I was on the hunt for food. I was quite hungry  and wanted coffee too, so we stopped by at a café called the Little Larder. 

I didn't want anything to heavy so I ordered Tiger prawn with sriracha chilli ,Kewpie Japanese mayo and green lettuce on  crispy baguette. This roll literally blew my mind away, so simple yet so delicious! It was incredibly fresh and perfect for the summer, the prawns were cooked to perfection and the sauce had that perfect acidity and spice to get my palettes jumping for joy. 

My partner only ordered a coffee, but after seeing me enjoy my baguette he took a bite and was instantly hooked! 

After lunch we went to Four Mile Beach for a dip, but the water was 26 degree and murky. It wasn't too fun nor beautiful to really swim in, so we took a stroll along the beach for the rest of the day. 

If you haven't watched my Cairns & Port Douglas vlog dairies you can watch it now by clicking the video above! It will also show you what blog entries are to come up next! 
Good morning to my wonderful readers, you! Well today I shall be heading off to work for a full day soon then when I'm back hopefully more editing so I can get my first NZ vlog up for you guys! But hope you enjoyed this more detailed blog post of my Cairns & Port Douglas trip. Anyway got to run now~ CIAO!
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