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Last Sunday I went out with Mr.Smiles (my boyfriend) and his mother for a late lunch, at Wile Pear Cafe, located in Dural. We love having lunch and coffee together so exploring and expanding out to find good food is one of the things we like to do on the weekend.

We waited about 30 minutes before we were seated, as it is incredibly popular and busy on the weekends. However once we sat down, we had a tough time deciding what to eat so we ordered coffee first. 

I ordered a chai latte, which is my new coffee obsession after having some really nice ones in New Zealand and when I had brunch with my panda family. Mr. Smiles and his mum ordered a cappuccino. The coffees were roasted and blended really well and the froth was nice a fluffy. As for my chai latte, they dusted it off with fine cinnamon sugar. 

Halfway through our coffee, our food came! We all ordered a dish each, but honestly there were so many dishes that sounded so delicious that we would have loved to try on that same day. 

The boyfriend, Mr.Smiles ordered the Middle Eastern Grill ($29.90), which came with chicken, lamb, chorizo and prawn skewers, hummos/hummus, lemony yoghurt, flat bread and black quinoa salad. 
This dish was very filling and generous in portion. All the skewers were perfectly grilled and the black quinoa salad balanced out the flavours, from becoming too bland from all that meat. 

Mr.Smiles mum had ordered the Fresh Fig & Haloumi salad ($21.90), with pomegranate, fennel, sesame honey dressing and rye croutons. 

This was our favourite dish that we had ordered! It was light and fresh but full of flavours. The figs were perfectly ripe and the fennel gave that slight crunch texture when you bite into it. 

As for myself, I had ordered the Sesame Crusted Baramundi ($29.90), which came with Asian slaw, papaya salsa, crushed nuts, soy and lime dressing. 

Now I never liked eating raw papaya, because it tastes weird (but in soup it's a different story). However I couldn't taste that strong raw papaya taste because it had soaked up the dressing when it was made into a salsa so all I could taste was the pure papaya sweetness coming from it. The fish was perfectly cooked too, and went very well with the salsa and dressing! 

 Last of all, dessert! When we were handed the dessert menu, already 2 of the dishes had sold out. So we took our time choosing the dessert as we didn't want anything too heavy. In the end we decided on the Pear and Vanilla bean crème brûlée with melted meringue, ice-cream and rosemary. This dessert was divine!! Who knew that herbs can go so well with sweets!! The rosemary combined the three elements together really well, balancing out the sweetness and bitterness. This was one of the best crème brûlée I have ever had. 

As we were paying at the counter, we saw this huge meringues topped with pistachio! I was so tempted to purchase them but I was way too full and had enough sugar for the day. This place does do well in presentation and in taste with their food and coffee, however I find it to be a bit overpriced for the dishes. Even though the price is not as favourable I am definitely coming back here to try more of their amazing dishes and desserts out again!

Wild Pear Cafe
658 Old Northern Road, Dural, Sydney, 2158, NSW 
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 8am - 4pm
Ph: (02) 9651 6600
E: lorraine.wildpear@gmail.com OR jtakchi@outlook.com
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