Urban Provedore (*´ω`)o // Last day in Winter Melb 2014

Our last winter morning in Melbourne, we headed somewhere close to us for some food, called Urban Provedore. It was a cute little café located really close to South Yarra station. Between 4 girls, we shared 5 dishes and a drink each. 

 Virginia ordered the Tunisian hot pot, which came with tomatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum, and chilli served with a poached egg and warm ciabatta bread. It was a very warm and hearty meal, perfect for the cold winter days.  

 Next up was the Big breakfast which Julia had ordered. It came with two slices of sour dough bread, bacon, two eggs your way, cannellini beans, buttered mushroom and roasted tomatoes. 

I believe this might have been their special of the day, which Stephanie had ordered. It was their corn fritta's with tomatoes and salmon. This dish was quite in flavours but generous in quantity. 

I saw this dish on their menu, and I simple had to have it after reading the ingredients. It was their porridge with rolled oats cooked in skim milk and honey, served with grilled banana and pistachio. This was my favourite dish of the day! The flavours were beautiful and hearty! 

 The fifth dish that I had ordered was this scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast. It sounded amazing and tasted even better than I imagined. You can even see how lovely and soft the egg looks!

Urban Provedore
231 Toorak Rd, South Yarra & Toorak, Melbourne, VIC
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri: 7am - 4pm, Sat & Sun: 8am - 4pm
Ph: (03) 9820 3500

Once we finished breakfast we headed out to the library where an episode of Running Man was shot and there was a mini museum to look at some art. Once we finished with some souvoneir shopping, in my case macarons and KOKO BLACK chocolates (before they even opened in Sydney), we headed to the airport and flew back to Sydney, which was also the day of my birthday too! 
We are already a quarter in to March!! Time is flying by so quickly which is both a good and bad thing I suppose. The good thing is I've already caught up with my uni work so no need to stress about that and I've also got another topic to talk about in my next video that I will film! The bad side, well not entirely bad but more nervous side of things is I have to find my full-time job soon! Super nervous and scared as I was browsing but I'm kind of excited to try out new roles and experiences!! 
What's your tips when looking for a full time job? I would love to know!!
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