Beauty Review: Too Cool for School - Replenish Hydra Essential Toner (☆▽☆)

It has been forever since I last did a skincare product review! Finally I have this toner by Too Cool for School to share with you guys! 

This is from their Rules of skincare collection and I be will review on the Replenish Hydra Essential Toner. It provides 2 layers of moisturiser and a moist milk toner for a strong moisturising effect and replenishing vitamin to the skin. 

The packaging comes in a cute old-school tin-like can with a screw top. As you can see in the photo above, the product comes out in this thick jelly-like liquid. It is easily applied onto the surface of the face evenly and quickly absorbed too. It does have a strong floral scent so it may be unpleasant to some.

Too Cool for School Replenish Hydra Essential Toner
Overall: ★★★☆☆
I am quite happy with this product as it does leave my skin super moisturised but so far I haven't seen any drastic improvement on my skin tone but I just recently started using it so maybe that is why. Additionally, I find the floral scent is quite strong for my liking but this product is quite affordable from memory. Also, it comes in a generous sized-bottle too, of 220ml, lasting for about 12 months and the packaging is recyclable too!

I have been procrastinating quite a bit this week but I'm so happy that I finally went to the gym yesterday! My arms are a tad sore from all the push-ups and all but I'm feeling great! Also with yesterday blog post on the Kahii cafe, I got the reason to the issues I mentioned from both Kahii and their ex-business consultant. Well I do hope things improve with their store but until then I think I'll be going to Cafe Oratnek for the time being. 
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