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Well it has been a while since I last did a colour contact review and I still have so many to share with you guys too. Anyway, finally reviewing the next pair which is by COSME contact, called their BeeHeartB one day soft contact lens in the shade Olive. 

When I purchased these in Japan, the olive shade was the newest and most unique shade so I decided to pick a few up. Which is why I bought a box of 30 lens (15 pairs) with this brand so I have more to play with. Also I couldn't find much information on this brand as I'm guessing it is not super popular online. 

Once again these daily contact lens come in their own individual capsules to ensure they are hygienic and safe. Also, here is just a little information about the lens themselves.
Brand: Bee Heart B
・Diameter: 14.3mm
・Base Curve: 8.6mm 
・Coloring Diameter: 13.3mm
・Power Range: 0.00 to -10.00
・Water Content: 38% 
・Life Span: 1 day

The lens design has a simple two rippled ring effect where it blends a softer olive-brown with a darker chocolate brown. It creates a subtle glittery yet natural appearance. 

I love how they naturally enhance my eyes by making them a bit bigger and brighter. These are great for everyday wear because they are so comfortable and soft on the eyes, I sometimes forget that I have them on. 

The olive shade lightens up my natural eye colour but because of the design and the different blends of colours it creates a soft girly natural eye look. 

Overall Rating: 
I'm extremely pleased with all the lens I have purchased so far, especially these one-day lens. These are great for everyday wear if you just need a little eye boost for that brightened appearance and they go very well with heavy or light makeup. Highly recommend this brand if you're ever around in Japan or if you see them online. 


I miss blogging about beauty stuff, which is why I am going to try get a beauty review or beauty related blog post coming up at least once a week! Hope this will bring you beauty lovers some entertainment too!

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