Flower Child Café ೭੧(❛▿❛✿)੭೨ // Picturesque & delicious food? YES PLEASE!

Flower Child Café brings together two concepts, a garden and an eatery. It is a super cute place to relax and enjoy with friends and family as it creates the perfect gathering atmosphere. Breakfast, brunch and lunch is served all day long so you no meals of the day would be missed.

Flower Child Cafe
391/1 Anderson St, Chatswood, 2067, NSW
(next to Topshop in Westfield)
Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 8am - 5pm // Thurs: 8am - 9pm
Ph: n/a

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Today I went to a café in Chatswood called Flower Child Café. I have heard of this café but I didn't know that it was so close to home! It's located right next to Topshop Westfield. 

I was meeting my lovely friend, Nancy there for breakkie as we haven't caught up in a very long time! Nancy is also an instafoodie under the name @nixxynoms.

We had troubles decided what to get because we literally just wanted to order everything, but obviously we wouldn't be able to finish it all. So we decided to get 3 dishes with two sweet and one savoury. 

Of course we ordered our coffee for the day, I ordered a soy chai latte and Nancy ordered a soy latte. Along with the drinks came a small twig with adorable flowers on the plate! I know these are not lavender but whatever flowers they are, they are super cute. We decided to place them on top of our drinks to make it look even cuter for photo's.

The soy chai latte (AUD$4) was very aromatic and quite delicious too. It went down smoothly and the chai taste does linger for a moment. 

When our dishes came it was time to do what foodies do best. Take photos! We definitely took a good 15-20 minutes just taking photos and we were both starving because we hadn't eaten anything beforehand. But my camera will always get the first bite of the food and like Nancy says "professional foodies at work!". 

Poached eggs, avocado, bacon, grilled asparagus, goat's curd, Roma tomato, quinoa, figs and grilled sourdough. 

This dish was presented beautifully, which also tasted quite lovely and hearty. However only one egg was poached, the other was cooked a little too long, it became soft boiled. Regardless though, a nice dish to have for breakfast. 

Seasonal fresh fruits with compressed pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, orange, lychee, peaches, figs, roasted pistachios, free-dried raspberries and yoghurt sorbet. 

This was super delicious and really refreshing. I loved how the yoghurt sorbet matched the different fruits really well. 

Also it paired perfectly with the Flower Child French toast as it balanced out the flavours of the toast so you don't get a sugary-sweetness overload on your palette. 

Banana mascarpone, sliced banana, dark chocolate crumbs, fresh berries and salted toffee. 

This French toast was DIVINE! The banana mascarpone was really interesting, it tasted like a mixture of banana, caramel and cookie dough. The toast was slightly crunchy on the outside, but fluffy and soft on the inside. The salted toffee on the side was delicious too and went so well with the mascarpone and toast. The berries definitely made this dish more delightful to eat but my favourite part was the dark chocolate crumbs. They were literally balls of goodness with that extra crunch. I think it was definitely my favourite dish as of today!

Overall, I had the most amazing time eating here for the first time and I am happy to say that I definitely will be returning for its' fabulous looking and tasty menu. Also the prices are quite decent compared to other cafés and I live so close to Chatswood so I can literally pop by any time. I hope Flower Child Café will welcome my big appetite when I do come again! 

Today was pretty much a full foodie day as I picked up cake after breakfast, which I will also blog about soon...maybe even today too!!

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