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Two weeks ago, (24/3/2016) I went to Kahii Cafe, which just opened up in the heart of Sydney CBD on Kent St. I was going to head there on the weekend for the instafoodie launch that week, but I had work so I knew I wouldn't be able to attend. I still wanted to try out the cafe so I thought I'd go try it out first. The cafe looked quite cute but the amount of seating was very very limited due to their space. It was only half the space of the lobby section of an office building.

Despite this I got a seat on the high bar table and ordered a matcha latte and their pork katsu sandwich. I waited a good 30 minutes before my dish came out but I guess this was because they were just setting up their system and all. The presentation of the dish and coffee was lovely. The pork katsu and matcha late were both served on a ceramic plate. 

The pork katsu sandwich, AUD$13.50, is served on two slices of white crust-less bread, with a thick piece of pork, crumbed and fried and sriracha, japanese mayo and hot mustard sauce. The flavours were quite lovely and I loved the refreshing wasabi-like taste of the mustard. 

On the otherhand, their matcha latte, AUD$5.50, was not to my liking. There wasn't enough matcha flavour to it, making it taste a bit bland. I recommend a touch of honey to make up for that though, otherwise go to CreAsion if you want matcha drinks!

In general this place was not bad so I couldn't wait to come again to try their other dishes that they had on their menu. I came again today and brought my dear lovely childhood friend Stephy along to try it out. She scrolled through their instagram account as she made her way out, so she knew a general idea of what to expect. 

Once we got there though, we were slightly disappointed. They only had the pork/chicken katsu sandwich and avocado smash toast. Plus their matcha drinks were quite pricey. However we didn't let that get to us and went ahead and had lunch there anyway. We both ordered right after one another and got the same, pork katsu sandwich and matcha frappe.

We waited about 15 minutes for the first pork katsu sandwich to arrive. The second order of the sandwich took another 20 minutes to arrive and our drinks arrived about 20 minutes after ordering. 

We finally got to dig in, but sadly my pork katsu sandwich had gotten cold, while waiting for Stephy's sandwich. The flavours were just as I remembered it to be, but not as much hot mustard this time but the pork was juicer compared to the first time.

The green tea frappé was a huge disappointment though. It cost AUD$8.50 and it came in a tiny glass cup. Also, it was ridiculously sweetened with honey, so you couldn't taste the bitterness of the matcha anymore. I guess the only plus side was that it was made with real matcha powder but other than that I didn't really enjoy the frappé.

As of today, it was not such a great impression and they have definitely misled both my friends and I. My friend, Max, who works nearby, has actually been coming down for a few days now to get his hands on some cute desserts, but told him they will get some in this week. While we were waiting for our dishes we actually bumped into Max and the staff said they no longer get the cute desserts in and to contact the pâtissier personally if he wanted some. 

Their instagram account or tags display all these wonderful matcha products available and also different food, however when I asked the staff about the soba dish, she mentioned it as ONLY for a food blogger event (aka. the instafoodie event that I was invited to). I mean what is the point of having a launch party with all these different dishes when you are only going to present ONE of these dishes in the actual menu. Even the size of the matcha frappe looks different on their instagram compared to real life.

Another thing would be their service, it is still very slow! The first time I went, they just opened so I could understand that their system would be running a bit slow here and there, but after 3 weeks you already have a good flow of how things would work, right?
Anyway, I do think their pork katsu sandwiches are quite lovely, but I would probably only go back there if I cannot be bothered to travel to Redfern for Cafe Oratnek's pork katsu sandwich.

Lobby 364 Kent St, Sydney, 2000, NSW
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 7am - 4pm
Ph: (02) 9290 1889

Kahii  Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

It was a really hot day at 32 degree! After lunch I pretty much just studied for an hour at Tom 'n' Toms with Stephy before heading to the gym. It has been a while since I went to the gym but definitely feels good to be back! I will try and film a workout video for you guys in the near future. As for now I will be getting back to my studies. Oh also did any of you guys manage to purchase any of the KylieCosmetic lip kits today?? I didn't post up the date and time as no-one wanted to know, but if you do, comment below and I'll keep you up to date when the next release date is! 
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