NZ travel post: Kayaking at Cathedral Cove o((*^▽^*))o

The following morning, my boyfriend and I woke up around 5am as we had to get to our next location by 8:30am. Breakfast was cornthins and smoked salmon. 

The drive there was beautiful as we were on the highway towards Corromandel, as we saw the sunrise and the beautiful scenery before us. My partner was really sleepy so about 1/3 of the way we swapped. I was way too excited to fall back asleep!

Getting to Corromandel was quite an interesting road! You have to past Hot Water Beach Rd, which is on the edges of the mountains and one wrong turn you can fall down the cliff. It is super windy road, which apparently you can go up to 100kmph! But honestly you can only go 20-40kmph as there are so many turns that you cannot see.  

However once we arrived, the weather was a bit cloudy but no rain in sight. We took off and had a wonderful time kayaking. The scenery was so beautiful once again and we learnt about the area with our tour guide Sean.

Sean also took photos of us and our group as we kayaking along the waters. The water was surprisingly warm too! 

After a good hour or so of kayaking it was time for tea time! We were pulled up onto Cathedral Cove. 

It was such a beautiful sight and the perfect way to start our morning!! 

We headed towards the cove where it is a popular and famous spot for filming. You may have seen this scene in various movies already! 

You can actually swim to the other side of the beach around this cove, but it was quite windy that day so the waves were smashing against the rock quite loudly and fiercely. 

So many people came here to look at this wonderful site. 

After tea, it was time to kayak back to the other beach where we departed from. My boyfriend and I are looking damn fine in our kayaking gear! Haha~

We had the most amazing kayaking around the area and thankyou to Sean for snapping a few photos of my boyfriend and I!!

We finished our kayaking session around 12:30pm, so we had lunch at Corromandel before driving off to our next location, Tauranga. 

The first two days of April as bright and sunny,'s quite cloudy! I guess autumn will be coming after all! Anyway I will be getting my harddrive back so I will have much more to blog about my NZ trip soon! Until then watch my NZ Vlogs!!
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