Seaside at Tauranga // Hiking at Mt Mauganui (*≧▽≦)

Once we arrived at Tauranga, we checked into our Airbnb place. It is a really cute place and the couple who owns that place are really lovely people. 

After ditching our luggages we went to Mount Mauganui for our very first hike. We did the Coastal track and Summit track but we weren't expecting to do such a long track but a few of the tracks that were meant to lead up to the summit were blocked. 

The hike was really beautiful though and it was a great way to start off our hiking adventures. There was the ocean to one side and greenery to the other. 

Look at how beautiful it is! Here are a few more photos from the hike! 

The Mt Mauganui hike is quite fun I must say, I guess one is becuase of the amazing view and company. The coastal hike is very easy-breezy to walk and great way to kill time. You will see a lot of locals doing this walk. 

This was the staircase up to the summit!! It was really tiring and my thighs were burning. 

I do have to say the summit walk was much more challenging compared to the coastal walk. There is a lot more stairs and up hill climbs which can be tiring. I highly recommend doing this hike to get you ready for any upcoming hikes you have planned 

The summit view was beautiful! Just look at that coast line~

Most summit climbs will have this stand when you reach the top and I was so happy I made it up to the top! I was really exhausted but was glad that my boyfriend and I kept pushing forward. 

On our way back down from the climb, we saw a few more sheep's! They are so cute and not afraid of humans walking around. 

Once we reached the bottom of the mountain we went to the beach for a nice dip! The water was quite cool but was a great relaxation after a long hike. 

We also saw this cute Hairy McClary statue, which is a popular children's book in Australia. After that, we wanted to get fish and chips from Bobby's fresh fish market, as our Airbnb host said they only sell fishes that they catch early morning. However when we got there they were closed, so we decided to go tomorrow instead.

Hello hello~ I finally got my harddrive back so I will be editing some videos for you guys soon. Until my new video comes out, you can watch my NZ vlog's below.
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