Te Waihou Blue Spring // Magical Mountain Water!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

After our tour in Hobbiton we went to Te Waihou Blue Spring walkway for a hike. At the entrance we saw many cows grazing the grass. 

The scenery look liked dry lands with huge tree's at the entrance. It was so beautiful we had to take a few snaps before the continued on. 

Then once we past the dry land looking path,, we came across the blue springs! It was so crystal clear and still! So beautiful. 

You can also have a picnic here with the beautiful forestry mountains and blue spring below it. 

 This is a popular location to hike and also go for a swim for both locals and tourist. 

We decided to go for a swim after the hike. 

We began the path on this dry dusty road which eventually lead into a forest-like pathway when you head in deeper on the hike. 

I really loved the beautiful forest scenery on this walk, it was super easy breezy because your mind is taken off of how tired you are. 

This scenic walkway with the river flowing by your side is clear and pure, with an intense blue colour. The water is internationally acclaimed with water so pure is supplies around 70% of New Zealand's bottled water. So here are a few more photo's of the spring before we took a dip. 

The spring is constantly 11 degree celsius  throughout the year. It doesn't sound very cold but trust me it is!

Just imagine many pins and needles as you get into the water and then you start to feel numb, because that is how cold it is. 

We took two dips in two locations and we enjoyed them both, despite the cold. Once you get over it, it actually feels amazing! 

Also, after our dip we felt super clean and our skin was extra soft and smelt really nice too! We called it the magical mountain water!!

After our hike and swim, we headed back to our motel and got changed to head out for dinner, since it was Valentines day. 
Well today I got quite a bit done, filming wise and I am now just editing some of the clips now. I have also uploaded 2 new videos, one is a review video and another the next instalment to my New Zealand Vlog's which also highlights the Te Waihou Blue Spring experience. Watch them both below.
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