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Earlier this week I was invited by Wendy, to have dinner at her restaurant located in Crows Nest, called The Tall Lemongrass. They offer a modern yet authentic Thai food menu and have unique trademark dishes such as the Yum Aubergine Stack and Egg Net Mieng Khumm.

The interior of the place looked quite lovely and created a wonderful atmosphere to relax and enjoy your meal. I loved the deep orange wood craving placed around their restaurant on their walls. 

The Tall Lemongrass
136 Willoughby Rd, Crows Nest, Sydney NSW
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun: 11am - 3pm & 5pm - topm
Ph: (02) 9966 0350

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For our first entrée we had the Mieng Khumm egg net with prawn. It came with sweet radish, grounded peanut, cooked prawns, freshly chopped galangal, lime, ginger, red onion and betel leaf, wrapped in an egg net. We could taste all the herbs, which gave a refreshing and zingy taste to it, and the prawns were cooked to perfection too. 

The other entrée we got was The Cigar, which was chicken mince with coriander, fish sauce and white pepper rolled inside a thin egg pastry. You usually get a serving of 10 sticks, however we got 8 as Wendy wanted us to have more room in our stomach for her other dishes. 

These came out freshly fried as they were piping hot and they are a great snack while waiting for your mains to come out. However, I think these would have tasted even better if they had some prawns in them too. 

Our last entrée was the Mieng Khumm with duck which also came with freshly chopped galangal, lime, ginger and red onion in a betel leaf and tamarind sauce. They were a bit heavier with the fish sauce so it was a tad salty and I wish the duck was a little more smokier too. However this was a delightful entrée to have because of how light and refreshing it was. It usually serves 4 but we cut it down to 2. 

Our first main we had was their Deep fried duck in plum sauce, and it is a slow-cooked merryland duck, deep fried with sauce from the wok. The duck was very tender as the meat just fell off the bone and the plum sauce went very well with the duck. It was very delicious and became one of my favourite dishes of the night. 

Next up was the Massaman beef curry, it was a slow cooked gravy beef and potato in a red curry paste with coconut milk. I quite liked the flavours and the beef was quite tender too, but my partner thought it tasted closer to rendang curry.

My favourite Thai dish is usually the crispy pork belly with beans and they had a whole page with pork dishes, which got me pretty excited. Wendy ordered us the Prik Khing crispy pork, which was presented on a beautiful plate. The flavouring of the sauce was delicious and the vegetables were cooked perfectly. I was really looking forward to the crispy and crunchy skin but I think the pork had absorbed the sauce too much so it went soft. 

My partner was ready to try their Crying tiger, where the grilled beef is marinate with chilli and soy sauce with sticky rice on the side. Usually the beef are served medium-rare but this one was a bit overcooked so it had more of a chew than usual. Also the sauce is not like the traditional one we usually have when we eat Thai, but still quite good. As for the sticky rice, I had never seen a crying tiger dish served with it before, but it was in fact nice and different. 

We were super full but we had to try their Yum Aubergine Stack as it is one of their signature dishes on their menu. It comes with chicken, prawns, onion, mint, coriander and chilli sandwiched between two deep fried eggplant, dressed in their signature yum dressing. The dish looks amazing and I really enjoyed this final dish! It was really refreshing, light yet very flavourful, with all the ingredients used and I can see why it is a signature dish.

Then it was time for dessert, where we we contemplating if we should have it or not. We decided we should and so we ordered their Banana fritters and Black sticky rice. 

The banana fritters were also fried to order, so they were served warm. The batter was not too thick so it had that nice crunch on the outside and warm cooked banana on the inside. It was also drizzled in some maple syrup for that extra sweetness to it. 

I really enjoyed their black sticky rice with coconut cream. Once again it was served hot and the rice was not overly sweet or sticky too. It is probably one of the best black sticky rice I had in a while and definitely a great way to end our dining experience!!

Overall, The Tall Lemongrass is a lovely place, as their staff are friendly, the atmosphere and interior is gorgeous and their dishes have generous serving portions, which is perfect to share with friends or family. Prices I would say are mid-high range, depending on what you order. Also, some dishes were more seasoned than others, I loved how they used lot of herbs to bring out even more flavours of the ingredients which is why I did enjoy my meal. 

Before I left, I had to take a photo with the lovely owner, Wendy! She is a really lovely person and she also recommended most of the dishes to us that night too. Although this dining experience was taken up on the gratuitous invitation, I wrote down my honest opinion on each dish that we had that night. I cannot wait to come back again, since it is not too far for me to get to and hopefully dine with Wendy herself, if she is not too busy. 

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