Beginners Guide to Colour Contacts and Circle Lens // Part 2 - Circle Len vs Colour Contacts o(^∀^*)o

3 years ago I blogged about differentiating between real and fake colour contact brands and since I have been doing more and more reviews on circle lens this year I decided to share with you guys part 2 of what you need to know about colour contacts and circle lens!
A friend of mine, recently got interested into the colour contact lens fashion and asked me a whole bunch of information regarding about them, since I have been wearing them for a long time now. So welcome to the second instalment of my "Beginners Guide to Colour Contacts and Circle Lens" where I will be covering the lens information in general and also address some sub-topics in today's post which will include, Circle Len vs. Colour Contacts, designs, lens life span and prices. 

1) Circle Len vs. Colour Contacts

Q. What is the difference between circle lens and colour contact lens, aren't they the same thing? 
A. Well coloured contact lenses will only change the colour of your iris when worn and they do not have any enlarging effect. Colour contacts are not so popular but are sometimes seen used in Western movies. On the other hand, circle lens are immensely popular amongst the Gyaru, Ulzzang, Kpop and Cosplay world. They tend to have a darker rim around the lens design making your eyes look larger and at the same time changing the colour of your iris. 

2-i-) Design-Colours
There are huge amounts of different designs of both colour contact lens and circle lens, but here I will be focusing more on circle lens. 
It really depends on what look you are trying to achieve as each brand will have similar colours but very different designs of how the colour is put together. Some will have a blend of 2 shades while others with 3. Additionally how natural or vibrant the lens will look like will depend on how the design of the lens are e.g. grainy, crystallize, solid, ombre, etc. Some may even incorporate a few designs into one lens!   

For example: EOS A3 Bambi Cookies Brown Contact Lens VS. HoliCat Barbie Brown


2-ii-) Design-Sizes
Another important note about the design of the lens is the sizing! The diamter size of the lens can also make a difference on how they appear on the eye and how much they give you the enlarging effect. The sizes can range from 14.2mm to 16mm. However I like to stay between the 14.2mm-14.5mm range as they feel more comfortable on my eyes. 

3) Life Span
Knowing the life span of the circle lens you currently own is an extremely important information. There are two dates that you must remember, first being the date of expiry (mm/yy), which is recommended on the packaging of the lens. The second date is to know how long the circle lens last for once you open them up and use the. There are yearly, monthly and daily life span lens that you can choose from, which may depend on your lifestyle, style and/or comfort. 

Daily lens are much softer and breathable, plus you do not need to disinfect or soak the lens as they are sterile when you open them from the package as they will not be re-used. These are a great option if you plan on wearing them for certain activities or only on weekends. 
Monthly lens require little or no cleaning and are usually made of made of silicone hydrogel with high oxygen permeability which allows the cornea to breathe, keeping it healthy.
Yearly lens require much more attention!! Cleaning it often is necessary to keep your eyes safe from infections or bacteria! They feel much thicker and not as soft compared to the daily and monthly lens, which is why it is best to bring eye drops to rehydrate the eyes when they start to feel dry. However the use of these lens are much cheaper in comparison. 
I highly recommend trying the monthly lens to begin with and see how you go first. Then go out and experiment with the other life span options and see how comfortable you are wearing them, as this is entirely on personal preferences. However I personally prefer either daily or monthly lens as they are much thinner and breathable as I find my eyes tend to get dry easily these days, but it's nothing eye drops cannot fix.  

iv) Prices
Prices will vary depending on the brand and life span of each lens, but lets take the two examples from above again! The EOS A3 Bambi Cookies Brown Contact Lens are 1 year disposal whereas the HoliCat Barbie Brown are 1 month disposal. Below is the calculations on how much they would cost you each week.
Many will tend to buy the 1 year disposal ones because they seem to be much cheaper, however, it really does depend how often you intend to wear the lens and the comfort of the lens.

Hopefully all this information will give you an idea of what lens will suit your lifestyle and makes it easier for you to shop when you're wanting to purchase some circle lens. I will write the third instalment next time which will be regarding on how to wear your lens and keep them clean. Also if you want to know what lens I am wearing in all my photos or have any questions that I may not have answered in this guide, leave a comment below and I will get back to you!


The whole morning I have been procrastinating by finishing off this blog entry, when I should be doing my assignments. *sighs* Well I think I'm going to have some lunch, go for a quick run then come back with a clear head and continue working on those assignments due in 3 weeks!
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