Biking in Whakarewarewa // Being the sacrifice during White Water Rafting ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨

The following day we headed back to Whakarewarewa Forest again but to bike instead. We had a great time biking for two hours, but we did get lost on our way back to the bike rental. 

We were flustered when we were finding the right track as we had our next activity to go to and it was an hour drive away. 

We managed to get get on track and gave the bikes back before hopping into the car. 

Our next activity was white water rafting and we got there just on time for the tour. 

We had an amazing time rafting with the rips and during the last waterfall that we're allowed to go on, I fell off the boat. 

I also hit my head on a branch as I wasn't paying any attention to the surrounding above my head. Despite my injuries I had a really good time.

After our white water rafting adventures, we headed down the road for a small tea break before lunch. 

I ordered a soy mocha and my boyfriend got a cappuccino. It was really nice to warm ourselves up with some coffee. 

We also got their sponge cake and also a pecan pie with home-made yoghurt which tasted amazing!! Once we finished up we were back on the road.

Along the way to Kerosene Creek we found a cute little pier, so we decided to whip out our lunch and enjoy this beautiful and relaxing scene! I just want to come back here again to enjoy that peaceful moment again. 
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