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It has been a while since I did a beauty-related blog post, so today I will be sharing with you guys a monthly colour contacts review sponsored by Love Shopping Holics

I was given their HoliCat in Barbie Hazel to review on, and I was super excited as I've always wanted to review this series. Here is a little bit of information about these particular contacts. 
Brand: HoliCat
・Diameter: 14.5mm
・Base Curve: 8.7mm 
・Power Range: 0.00 to -8.00
・Water Content: 42% 

・Life Span: 1 month
・Origin: Korea

The lens design has a simple two rippled ring effect where the light hazel brown is fills in the iris and is blended with the dark brown outer ring.

The Barbie Hazel shade is gorgeous! It looks as if they were cats eyes as they are incredibly vibrant and pigmented. Even on my dark eye's, these contacts are able to reveal it's beautiful golden hazel crystal-like colours. 

Comfort-wise, I didn't feel any discomfort wearing with this particular brand as they only have a life span of one month. However once my eyes do feel a bit dry I like to rehydrate them with some eye drops.

Overall Rating: 
I am quite happy with the colour and comfort of these lens! They look so beautiful on and look amazing in photos! I will definitely be wearing these lens for the whole month so they don't go to waste! I highly recommend wearing a little bit more eye makeup with this light hazel shade. They are currently on sale for only USD$17.90 at Love Shopping Holics, so purchase them now to get that cheap bargain!

I also have other shades from this brand of circle lens, so I will share them once I've had the opportunity to open them up. I'm sorry that I haven't been as active on my other social media platforms as I am now being bombarded with my assignments! However I shall try to make much more content for you guys soon!! 
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