New Zealand to explore Kerosene Creek & Huka Falls (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

After our white water rafting adventure, we were back on the road heading toward Kerosene Creek. 

The Keroene Creek is geothermal heated stream where you can take a dip and relax. The hot water is from a natural spring under the earth, that bubbles up the cool waters, leaving it pleasantly warm. 

Luscious nature is all around and there is no admission charge either! So make sure you bring your swimmers to enjoy this creek, however you may find some skinny-dippers there too, so just a warning! 
Then we continued our journey down south towards Taupo, stopping at Huka Falls to see the charging waters rush through! The water was so beautiful, it had a ombre effect from frothy white waters to a dark aqua blue! 

We could see the small specks of water particles that were being lifted by then win as it ran down through the fall! After taking a few, photos we headed towards Taupo and checked into our lodge that evening. 

You can watch our enjoyable dip in Kerosene Creek and hear the loud crashes of the waters of Huka Falls below!
Good morning my lovelies! Today I don't think I will get much of my studying done but I will try and squeeze in a mini workout session at home before heading out later this evening for a competition lucky draw thing!

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