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Earlier this week I received a parcel to review Pitango's latest meal pot range. They packed together a little Pitango Lunch pack which came with a bottle of water, carrot sticks and their Pitango Sri Lankan Chicken curry with rice. 

The meal pot is a meal for one and is ready to eat in 3 minutes! The ingredients include free range chicken and potato with a medium spicy Sri Lankan spicy coconut curry sauce with basmati rice. They also have two other flavours available, which are their Spanish Chorizo & chickpea puchero and the Japanese miso chicken & soba noodles.

The pot tastes quite nice and it has just the right amount of spiciness for that extra kick. However, I did add flax seeds and a crack of pepper to top it off, which tastes amazing. I also found there was quite a few potatoes but not enough chicken. I'm guessing it is because this meal pot range is targeted for the busy bees, who have no time to prepare lunch at home and just need a quick and filling meal to have during the day. I would recommend adding some greens, such as broccoli or beans into the curry as it will be more nutritious and healthier that way. 
Have you tried the new Pitango meal pot range yet? If yes, what flavour is your favourite?? I cannot wait to go in-stores and try the other two flavours that they have. 

Hello guys~ So I just came back from uni and an alright gymming session, plus I got some takoyaki from the night market before I left Chatswood because I was craving it after seeing one of my friend have it yesterday. It was so good! Anyway, I shall be editing some videos today and also prepare to film some material for you guys the following week! I also have my weekly 2nd bonus video up today which you can watch below!! 

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