3x Short Hikes in Te Anu // Located near Waitomo (╯✧∇✧)╯

As the black water rafting trip got cancelled, we had half a day to pretty much do another hike, so we headed off to do some short hikes nearby. The first one went to was the Mangapohue Natural Bridge hike. 

The pathway and bridge were kept in good condition so it was easy to find the track instantly. It is a family friendly track so you can definitely bring your baby stroller here. 

The natural bridge is a 17m high limestone arch; the remains of an ancient cave system.

This hike is a super easy 5 minute stroll to the base of the natural bridge (wheelchair accessible), or continue along the track for a 20 minute loop walk that takes in superb views of the natural bridge and gorge, stalactite-like formations, farmland and 25 million year old fossilised oysters that are exposed in the limestone outcrops.
However we decided to turn back once we took some photos at the farmlands as we saw on the map the next 15 minute hike would have similar sceneries. 

Next we visited Marokopa Falls, and it is one of the must see waterfall sites in New Zealand. It was spectacular and we could feel the small water particles fly into our faces as it charged towards the bottom. 

Then we took another scenic nature hike, called the Piripiri Cave Scenic Reserve, which was abundant in colourful orange mushrooms. I had to take a photo and honestly New Zealand needs no filters or editing at all!!

Once we got to the cave, it was pitch black and our phone flash light was not strong enough to allow us to descend. However we were lucky enough that another hiker had a camping flash light to go down for us and I was able to take a photo of what the inside of the cave looked like! So amazing and lucky too! 

 After all those adventurous hikes and enjoying nature, we finally went and got some food! We had dinner at Curlys Bar which is family friendly restaurant too, and you get to see one of the best sunsets view here too.

The food was served fresh and hot and generous portions too! We got their seafood tempura platter and chicken schnitzel. After dinner we headed back to our accommodation for an early night in! 

HELLO HELLO! Sorry I haven't been blogging much these days, I have been busy with work and assignments so I just hadn't had time to do all the editing and writing. As for today, I pretty much just stayed at home in bed, because it is so cold now, applying for full time positions! I cannot believe I have to take the call for adult life now! Anyway I just hope things will go well and there is no delay with finding a full time position! 

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